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Textures are pictures of items such as plastic, plants, bricks, landscape, fabrics, and many more that can be used to form the pattern or background for other programs. Instead of designers having to make their textures when working on every project, they could purchase the fitting texture from our unlimited database and make their work easier and quicker.

Textures used by various designers in their works include physical texture, visual texture, decorative texture, mechanical texture, and spontaneous texture.

Textures can be used by;

Graphic designers – Graphic designers can use textures to alter the feel and look of an image or a design. Most people think that the use of textures is always a safe bet. Well, it is not, textures can either make or break your work, and the key lies in using them properly. To create compelling designs, the key is to choose the right textures and use them appropriately.

When properly used, they can help in bringing an extra layer of meaning or life to an otherwise static image. Other textures such as 3D textures can help in increasing the visual interest and depth of the images.

Visual artists – In visual art, the texture is the surface quality of a given artwork. Different textures, usually distinguishable by their physical and visual properties can be used together with other design elements to convey a variety of emotions and messages. Artists can incorporate texture photos from our website into their design to give the illusion of physical texture.

Computer game programming – In video game design, texturing involves adding images as layers on the existing surface to create a given effect. This can be used to increase the life of a given scene or to enhance a certain mood. Instead of having to take such pictures themselves, game programmers could download the ready-made texture bundle from our website and make their game creation process easier.

Interior Design – Some textures feature beautiful images or repetitive images that can be printed on a wallpaper and used to decorate the inside of a given room. Natural textures such as those of wood, flower patterns and sand can be used to give the interior of a room that outdoor feel.



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