Snowman Face SVGs

Building a snowman is one of the ultimate Christmas traditions, and one that has stood the test of time. But what if you’re not able to build one because of physical limitations, or you live somewhere where there’s never any snow. Well, that’s where your trusty snowman face SVG comes in handy.

Whether you want to make a cheesy, cheeky, cute or classic snowman, you’ll find the perfect frosty mug in our collection. Ultimately, building a snowman, with snow or paper or graphics or old laundry - it’s all about having fun and embracing being silly. So if anyone with an icicle up their behind tries to tell you it’s lame - just say snow!

Give your friends a frosty smile with a free snowman face SVG

There are free snowman face SVG aplenty - but what will you do with them and what crafts will they inspire? Check out a few ideas below for a bit of glacial inspiration.

Not everyone is blessed with an arctic chill at Christmas time to provide the natural materials, so we must make do with what we have. You can put your snowman face onto felt and construct an appliqué snowman, or just simple paper or card. So your design doesn’t fall flat, feel free to attach a felt, or even real carrot, to complete the look.

It can be a real challenge to keep the little ones entertained, especially when you just want some grown up time to enjoy a glass of mulled wine and catch up with your loved ones. Crafting and coloring is something all kids enjoy - creating with our hands is something we all enjoyed at one point or other. You can print a whole snowman face bundle, cut out the elements and with even something as simple as sticky-back tape, they can huddle together and design their own little snowmen, while you get some much deserved respite.

Don’t let your snowman face SVG file melt

The snowman face SVG file is reminiscent of a dress up doll and coloring book combined. You can put together whatever individual elements come to mind and turn it into something completely your own. You can tweak your snowman SVGs in Design Space, or similar, then use them for any number of crafting techniques, including decals and sublimation.

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