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This is simply the art of designing paper. This craft has uniquely evolved all globally to adapt to vast cultural styles. One primary similarity most styles share in common is that the plans are cut from one sheet of paper compared to multiple adjoining sheets as in collages.

This art form involves cutting paper with a knife or sharp scissors. It can be as meek or as composite as the paper the artist chooses. Paper-cutting is a craft with quite a long past. Its first ancestry dates back to the 4th century after the Chinese discovered paper. Some of its earliest use was for stencils or religious adornments used for patterns in embroidery.

While everyone can trace through a pre-designed paper and cut it as required, handling the initial design is not a task that can be entrusted to anyone. Worry not. If you need paper cutting mockups to use for your product branding, fun day or just because, feel free to go through our wide catalogue of embroidery mockups where you will be sure to find something that suits you.

There is no limit to the design areas where the use of paper cutting mockup comes in a great saviour of time and resources. Teachers can use these mockups to produce exciting designs for their students to cut out and learn art and craft. In the same way, making templates for other products requires the cutting of paper which can be done more successfully if an embroidery mockup is used.



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