Free SVG Files for Cricut

Crafters, don’t you just love getting free SVG files for Cricut or Silhouette? Free designs are a great way to get started, whether you’re new to the hobby or just looking to try out a new style. No matter what type of project you want to make, you can find something fantastic right here! How about using your Cricut to make faux leather earrings? Perfect for gift giving or for yourself. Funny and sarcastic design styles are always popular, and you’ll find quite a few of those to pick from. What type of designs is your favorite?

Free Flower SVG Files for Cricut

One of the many styles of designs in this collection is free flower SVG files for Cricut. Flower images and graphics are versatile and work incredibly well for a range of products and projects. You can use them to embellish a design you’ve made, add to one you’ve purchased, or another free cut file. They work well for most materials too, from adhesive vinyl to cardmaking supplies like paper. Why not try making a reverse canvas sign using HTV and a lovely botanical image? Or you could make a cute t-shirt for yourself, friends or family.

SVG Files for Cricut

Crafting and art is such a fun pastime, plus it’s a great way to explore your creativity! SVG files for Cricut, used with cutting machines, have opened up an entirely new world for crafters and makers. Intricate designs have become easier to work with thanks to these powerful machines. The idea of “I can make that” is now so much easier to accomplish thanks to SVG cut files and the die cutting machine. From holiday styles to funny graphics, you can find just about anything and have a ton of fun bringing your ideas to life. What type of projects or styles do you like best?

Free Christmas SVG Files for Cricut

Crafting for the holidays is easy with free Christmas SVG files for Cricut. Artists and other creative types often enjoy creating handmade gifts for loved ones. Add the cutting power of a Cricut or Silhouette to the mix, and you’ve got a win-win! For those crafters who produce products for their handmade business, free designs that come with a dual license are like the cherry on top. Styles perfect for wood signs, t-shirts, stockings, or ornaments are right at your fingertips, just waiting for you to click “download.”

Free Wedding SVG Files for Cricut

Dah dum da dum…here come the free wedding SVG files for Cricut, ready to be uploaded right to Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio! If you’re celebrating that special day you can find some lovely designs that you can turn into DIY decor. Pick out a few coordinating designs and get busy crafting! Or, use one of these gorgeous images and try your hand at creating card designs or similar. Paper crafts are a fun way to use SVGs for many crafters and makers. No matter what crafts you enjoy, you’ll surely find some inspiration from these cut files!

Cricut Questions and Answers

What type of file does Cricut Use?

Cricut Die Cutting Machines utilise the SVG File Format. SVG stands for Scaleable Vector Graphics and allows an image to be scaled without losing quality.

How do you make a Cricut Design without a Subscription?

That's easy! You can download our FREE SVG files and upload them directly to Cricut Design Space. You don't need Cricut Access to do that!

How to download fonts to Cricut?

Simply go to and you can download the latest Cricut Fonts. Install them on your computer and then they will appear for you automatically in Cricut Design Space

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