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Scientific photographers use a combination of scientific knowledge and imaging techniques such as ultraviolet, infrared or thermal imaging to take pictures. The pictures taken are used to record or illustrate medical or other scientific data. These photos can be applied in the following areas;

Research facilities – Photos can capture both qualitative and quantitative data. These can then be analysed and for conclusions and recommendations. Data presentation is also best achieved if visual elements are incorporated. Pictures are the lightest and most accessible way to store and present such information.

Exploring scientific concepts – When exploring out of this world concepts such as space or quantum mechanics, it helps to at least have a visual representation to work with. Pictures taken from space help in the exploration of complex space phenomena that would be otherwise very difficult to grasp. In biology, an illustration of the structure of a DNA goes a long way in helping the students understand.

Used in Healthcare – The X-ray result paper is an example of a scientific picture. Photos such as those and others from CAT scans help in coming up with a diagnosis to help in determining the appropriate treatment. A database of such images can also help in the quick identification of a new condition to help researchers find possible solutions.

Fashion and Design – Science sometimes lead to the creation of dazzling patterns which when converted to pictures can have a range of uses in the design world. Photos of the deep universe can be converted into beautiful designs to be used for wallpapers or even clothes.

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