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In folklore, gnomes are generally described as teensie, gnarly old men. If you’re into that, cool, but gnomes have developed their own special charm and our gnome SVG collection focuses on their sweet, down-to-earth connotations and rather adorable appearance.

The friendlier cousin of the gold-digging leprechaun, gnomes are also said to be guardians of precious treasures hidden deep in the ground. So our SVG bundles could unearth an artistic fortune, just waiting for your creative touch to turn it into something special.

Gnome wasn’t built in a day, so take your time browsing our collection and see which gnome SVG might add some magic to your DIY garden.

Gnome Bee Girl SVG, Gnome SVG
Let it snow gnome SVG File
Gnome Welcome Home SVG
Gnomes Sweet Gnome SVG Cut Files
Welcome Gnome SVG | Christmas SVG
Gnome Sweet Gnome SVG | Christmas SVG

Gnome-ore problems with a free gnome SVG

Our gnome collection is in the SVG hall of fame, for the sheer cuteness overload. Our free gnome SVG bundles come in a multitude of adorable graphics and illustrations, perfect for making garments, homeware and decor, gift wrapping, cards and so much more.

Top tip: because a gnome image has so few elements to it: hat, beard, two little feet, play around with fun patterns and color combinations to jazz up your gnomes, or try out little seasonal characters, like a gnome Santa or Cupid!

Since the gnome is all about its fabulous floofy beard, you can experiment with different textures in your design. Print your chosen SVG onto card, wood or a t-shirt, then get some fuzzy wool or even sparkly fabric and stitch or glue it over the beard portion of the image, to give your gnome a little pizazz. Since these sweet subterranean goblins are technically magical creatures, don’t be shy and throw in some glitter or lively holographic paper background.

Another gnome SVG file? Welcome to craftaholics a-gnome-inous

There’s no end to the fun you could have designing with these little earth spirits. Hand cutting, sublimation, embossing, die cutting, 3D printing, paper crafts - your gnome SVG file can be so much more than just a quirky garden accessory. Our downloads come in a variety of formats for ease of editing in your preferred design software. So whether it’s Silhouette Studio or Photoshop, just pick your poison and get crafting!

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