Bumblebee Clipart


In the animal kingdom, black and yellow are usually warning colors. But despite this ominous coloration, bumblebees can’t help but be incredibly adorable. Add these fuzzy little bugs to your next design with a cute image from our bumblebee graphic collection.

Why not find a design ready for printing and then hang it up in your shed or greenhouse. If you prefer sublimation crafts, then you can use one of your adorable bee designs for coffee mugs, tumblers, t-shirt designs, and so many more projects. Your clipart is perfect for all the fun crafts and art projects! There are no bites, just pure honey, in our clipart collection, so what are you waiting for?

Bumblebee Clipart PNG

Bumblebees can make just about anything cute and loveable. Since we tend to associate these little guys with spring and summer, you can use our bumblebee-themed designs to decorate for your next picnic, BBQ, or garden party event. Print some of these cute bees out and create some cupcake toppers for dessert. Or, mark a fun garden event on your calendar with a bumblebee sticker. The possibilities are truly endless!

The best part about our designs is that you also receive a Personal and a Commercial License with every design you get. That means that whether you craft for business or pleasure, we’ve got you covered.

Cute Bee Clipart

Bzz bzz bzzzzz. Is that a bumblebee or the sound of your crafting machine whirring? Hopefully both! You’ll be using the bumblebee PNG files to create all the different things you can use your cutting machine for, including stickers, cake toppers, and greeting cards. How cute would it be to add a little bumblebee to your card design and then send it to someone you haven’t seen in a while to let them know you’re thinking of them?

Bumblebees are genuinely suited to meet all of your creative needs! For example, if you produce anything sweet or plan to make something for a local bake sale, you can use some bumblebee clipart to help decorate your creations. You could even print your favorite image on edible wafer paper, so your bumble becomes a part of your yummy treat.

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