Sublimation Prints


Sublimation prints are hugely popular with crafters. You can print a range of colors, textures and details that can't otherwise be achieved with Heat Transfer Vinyl. These stunning prints are then transferred via heat to mugs, coasters, polyester shirts, mousepads and tons of other specially coated blanks. The ink fuses into the blank so it doesn't rub off or fade. As this is a specific process that requires a certain type of ink, you will need a sublimation printer.

But wait! There's great news if you don't own a sublimation printer! You can print with Direct to Vinyl transfer and your inkjet printer. DTV can only be used on materials like cotton, polycotton and polyester. Once heat pressed, the colors are so vibrant you would never have believed it was possible with an inkjet printer. How awesome is that? Now you can use all of those sublimation prints that you fell in love with.

Sublimation Prints
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