Farm Clipart

What do you call cows with a sense of humor? A laughing stock! Thank you, thank you, we’ll be here all week. Get creative and come up with your own delightful puns with some of our charming farm clipart.

Farmers keep us all going, be it live stock, dairy, fruits or vegetables, without these hard working people, our shops and supermarkets would be pretty empty! As the world goes more digital and reliant on tech, traditional farming is becoming a rarer trade. Let’s help encourage others to help keep farmers going and maybe learn some useful skills as well!

The farm clipart Vector Clipart

Lettuce introduce you to some free farm clipart

In an effort to help the planet, more and more people are starting to grow their own herbs and vegetables at home. This is a fantastic thing to encourage and you can do just that with some free farm clipart you can use to make some great promotional content or start an online campaign. Pick out some graphics in a style that speaks to you and get going on making newsletters, posters, infographics, handouts, banners, signs, stickers and many more. Just remember that if you’ll be making physical crafts, such as flyers, be sure to use recyclable or biodegradable materials!

Top tip: as long as it’s not colored or glossy, you can turn shredded paper into compost!

Everyone loves a good farmer’s market to stock up on high quality, organic produce. Why not help promote your business with some great handmade giveaways, such as postcards, plastic-free storage solutions and tote bags! However you choose to make a difference, craftivism is a lot of fun, so turn your arts session into a party and let’s turnip the beet!

Support your community with your farm clipart file

You can make all sorts of arts and crafts to help support your local farmers and encourage your friends and neighbors to shop local. In just a few clicks, you’ll have an awesome farm clipart file in your digital portfolio. Tweak it to suit your design idea in editing software such as Photoshop and then your file is ready for printing, cutting, heat transfer or whatever you might be making.

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