Amazing Photoshop Paint Brushes for Digital Art

Amazing Photoshop Paint Brushes for Digital Art

Did you know that you can paint and create stunning artwork using the best Photoshop brushes? Photoshop has long been the design software of choice for editing photos, videos, and other digital media. That still holds true, but this beefy software program has other amazing capabilities as well, which we're about to explore a little further. Some say that a digital painting can never truly match that of one done by hand. Whether you fall into that school of thought or not, the fact remains that painting and creating art within software programs is highly popular and enjoyable for many. Do you enjoy creating digital art?

Whether you're new to painting within Photoshop or are an avid graphic designer, this list of Photoshop paint brushes might just inspire you! The flexibility of some of these newer brushes is simply amazing. We'll take a look at a few different styles, including Photoshop texture brushes (for when you want to add dimension), Photoshop watercolor brushes, and more.

1. Tie Dye Stamp Brushes Created by OlgaRom

Tie-dye is such a popular style that can be found far and wide and is applicable in a multitude of different ways. In order to create this look digitally, you need the right tool, and this set of stamp brushes for Photoshop can help you tackle your projects with ease. The designer who created this set has scanned her original watercolor artwork in order to create the most realistic effects possible. It looks like she really knocked that one out of the park!

Tie Dye Stamp BrushesImage Credit: OlgaRom

2. Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Created by Plus

Photoshop watercolor brushes are an amazing invention! Get realistic watercolor effects with just a single click. It doesn't get any easier than that! With a set like this one, you can mix and match the brushes to create gorgeous artwork in seconds. This set comes with 30 unique brushes in a .ABR file format that loads to your software almost instantaneously. Whether you're looking to design printables or want to embellish your DIY wedding invitations, this set of brushes can help you do exactly what you need!

Watercolor Brushes Pack

Image Credit: Plus

3. Photoshop Oil Brushes Created by Eldar Zakirov

Artists looking for realistic and lifelike Photoshop texture brushes should check out this phenomenal bundle! Painting with oil digitally can create a stunning effect, and the brushes in this set are designed to help you build texture and depth. Easily blend colors, or use one of the 5 layer styles that are included to design art that looks and feels like a painting done by hand. This set includes 46 preset brushes as well.

Amazing Photoshop Paint Brushes 3

Image Credit: Eldar Zakirov

4. Foliage Brushes Created by Jenteva Art

This set of foliage brushes for Photoshop was created especially for landscape artists. With 34 plant-themed brushes included, you can build a beautiful nature piece with just a few clicks of the mouse. Add texture, color, and depth with ease, and take your artwork to the next level! Suitable for both beginners and pros, this set of brushes now also comes with additional options for adding snow, stars, clouds, and more. With just a single set of Photoshop paint brushes, you can create and design landscape art in almost any style.

Photoshop Foliage Brushes

Image Credit: Jenteva Art

5. Photoshop Illustration Brush Set Created by Eliza Moreno Illustration

With so many reasons for creating digital art, the number of Photoshop brushes and add ons is wide and varied. While many designers can utilize brushes for multiple purposes, sometimes, you simply need a brush designed for a specific purpose. The enchanting Photoshop paint brushes in this set are the ideal choice for illustrators and artists looking to create illustrations, especially those for children. With 30 brushes included, plus adorable names for each, you can find the style that you need all in one amazing bundle.

Photoshop Illustration Brush Set

Image Credit: Eliza Moreno Illustration

6. Acrylic and Gouache Brush Set Created by ArtistMef

If there's one way that digital painting will always trump traditional style, it's when it comes to setting up and cleaning up! Photoshop texture brushes like these mean no fuss, no muss, and you can't beat that. This set of 27 brushes imitates traditional acrylic and gouache tools, with brushes for wet, dry, thick, dense, and other styles. Take time to experiment with each of the individual brushes, see what they can do, and then create and design to your heart's content!

Acrylic and Gouache Brush SetImage Credit: ArtistMef

7. Realistic Paint Brushes Created by Graphicquest

Prepare yourself for this gigantic bundle of realistic paint brushes which included more than 100 different styles. ABR file formats are simple to use and can be uploaded right to Photoshop quickly and easily. With so many brushes available, artists and other creatives are sure to find exactly what they need within this set. Scroll through the photos provided by the designer and see for yourself the styles and varieties available. You may just find the perfect one!

Realistic Paint Brushes

Image Credit: Graphicquest

8. Grunge Splatter Brushes Created by Clikchic Designs

If you love the look of paint splatters then this set of Photoshop watercolor brushes is one you'll want to check out! With 8 individual brushes, you can easily attain a messy vibe with your art. Layer a splatter element behind a photo for a unique look, or use them over the front of your design as an overlay. This set not only comes with .ABR brushes but also includes a PNG option as well. Mix and match the brushes to get a layered feel, or use them individually. The options are endless with this set!

Grunge Splatter Brushes

Image Credit: Clikchic Designs

With each new update Photoshop seems to gain more and more capability, which is great news for creatives and artists. It also means that graphic and digital designers who share their incredible skills with the art world are also designing more tools and products. It's a win-win for everyone! You may have never used the brush feature in Photoshop, or only for limited purposes.

Now that you've been exposed to some of the truly phenomenal tools available, perhaps you'll find yourself playing around and experimenting with your style. Experimentation, trial and error, and learning as we go are all part of the creative process, so have fun with it! We love when you share your art and designs with us, so be sure to tag us on social media and join our Facebook community. Happy creating!

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