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Amazing Sublimation Tumbler Designs

Amazing Sublimation Tumbler Designs

Does your jaw drop when you see some of the amazing sublimation tumbler designs? We know what that's like; we're drooling right along with you! If you want intricate details, incredible textures, and beautiful colors, sublimation is the way to go! Have you delved into this fascinating crafting method?

Sublimation has become incredibly popular amongst creatives in the last few years. Thanks to options to convert home printers for sublimation, now almost any crafter or artist can benefit from this technique! Just keep in mind that conversion is recommended for new printers only.

If you've worked with sublimation before but not with tumblers, there are still some creative options for tumbler wraps. Open your favorite software and try cropping. You might find you can edit your favorite skinny tumbler designs for other projects like mugs or t-shirt designs! Now that your creativity is bursting at the seams and you’re pumped up to craft let’s get to the list of awesome sublimation tumbler designs!

1. Floral Glitter Wrap Created by Tommy & Tilly Design

One of the skinny tumbler designs that have been quite popular is this fabulous floral version from Tommy & Tilly Designs! Rose gold glitter pairs perfectly with the lovely watercolor floral elements in their pink and green shades. All of those elements come together to make for one stunning tumbler sublimation design! Plus, this particular tumbler wrap is seamless, which is always a big bonus. If you're not familiar with the term seamless, for tumblers, it means that the parts of the image or design on the left side line up or match with the right.

Floral Glitter Wrap

Image Credit: Tommy & Tilly Designs

2. Beach Sublimation Bundle Created by Harbor Grace Designs

While sublimation is often associated with both tumblers and t-shirts, it is a rather versatile technique that can be used on several different products. If you're a crafter that uses sublimation for other products like keychains, or pens, you'll love this beach-themed bundle! In this bundle, you can get a matching template for a sublimation skinny tumbler, a matching keychain, pen, and more. Take your product selection to the next level!

Beach Sublimation Bundle

Image Credit: Harbor Grace Designs

3. Mega Tumblers Bundle Created by Enliven Designs

If variety is what you're after, then this mega tumbler wrap bundle is a great choice! Cue the glitter, bright colors, and fun sublimation tumbler designs crafters; this one has it all. Are you a creative or maker who loves having a large design portfolio when choosing your next project? Many of the designs in this bundle include space for customization. You could add a name, quote, or title in the open spaces. Tumblers make great gifts for every occasion, so why not test the waters with a new crafting technique! With this many sublimation tumbler ideas, you'll never run out of options.

Mega Tumblers Bundle

Image Credit: Enliven Designs

4. Golden Waves Bundle Created by Olena Kiyan

What is it about flowing gold and glitter streaks that create such an ethereal vibe? Tumbler makers looking for something impressive and a touch off beat will love this mini bundle. With four sublimation tumbler designs included, you could make a whole series and add them to your product options for your small business. Each one is complementary to one another yet unique enough that they can stand alone. Add a little glitter and sparkle to your life when you DIY a new tumbler with one of these gorgeous skinny tumbler designs!

Golden Waves Bundle

Image Credit: Olena Kiyan

5. Tumbler Photo Template Created by Anayahsroom

Working with PNG images can allow for some incredible end results. This sublimation skinny tumbler design is ready-made for adding photos or other pictures, so you can customize it your way! If you want to customize your tumbler wrap even further, you can do that too by adding text or quotes in the center. Make one for yourself, or DIY something fabulous for an upcoming holiday or event. The background and color scheme are neutral enough that it would be fitting for anyone!

Tumbler Photo Template

Image Credit: Anayahsroom

6. Mom Life Tumbler Bundle Created by Dina store 4 art

When you're on the hunt for a special design or graphic and need sublimation tumbler ideas, check out a few bundles like this one. With a dozen unique styles, you could make one for each month of the year! You'll find a great mix of both funny and sweet styles, so you can easily pick a tumbler wrap that matches Mom's personality. Mom Life Tumbler Bundle

Image Credit: Dina store 4 art

7. Hunting Sublimation Bundle Created by Last Frontier Design Co

Don't forget about Dad or Papa! Your crafts and art projects will delight them as well, so grab a few tumbler sublimation designs they will love. The combination of wood grain, metal texture, and camo is fantastic. The designs of these skinny tumblers are perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts, hunting fans, and nature enthusiasts!

Hunting Sublimation Bundle

Image Credit: Last Frontier Design Co

8. Summer Drink Bundle Created by SassyRogueDesigns

Forget getting ready for bikini season; how about summer drinks season! Whether you're one to sip a sweet tea on the porch or prefer a little punch in your drink, there's a design for you in this fabulous bundle. Drink labels are centered on each of the tumbler sublimation designs and accented by coordinating patterns and digital papers. You really can't go wrong when you DIY a superb tumbler with one of these templates!

Summer Drink Bundle

Image Credit: SassyRogueDesigns

9. Watercolor Succulents Created by SashaNDesign

No green thumb? Who needs a garden when you can carry one with you wherever you go! Marvelous watercolors and incredible detail combine for one stunning sublimation skinny tumbler design. The graphic designer has provided two versions, one with an open space in the center and one with some inkblot effects. Either way, you'll the results from crafting with this best-selling sublimation skinny tumbler PNG!

Watercolor Succulents

Image Credit: SashaNDesign

10. Tumbler Template Bundle Created by BambinaCreations

Are you an artist that wants to do it all, from designing skinny tumblers to creating the finished product? If that sounds like you, then you're going to love this incredible bundle of templates! Crafters familiar with tumbler sublimation know that each brand has a specific size requirement, so templates play a crucial role in lining up the design. In this amazing template bundle, BambinaCreations offers templates for all sorts of brands and sizes. When you have so many options for sizes and designs, you'll never run out of sublimation tumbler ideas!

Tumbler Template Bundle

Image Credit: BambinaCreations

That spectacular list of skinny tumbler designs is just the tip of the iceberg! Creatives, if this is a crafting technique that gets you excited, you'll find a huge array of styles and designs just waiting for you. With the creation of more and more sublimation skinny tumbler templates, as well as other sizes and brands, the design possibilities are endless!

Sublimation is easier than you think. Check out the video below as Crystal takes you through the process of creating a beginner friendly sublimation tumbler!

We’d love to have you share your creations with us in our Facebook Community group. Happy crafting!

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