The 10 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals

The 10 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals

The job market has been tough the past few years, even more so with the pandemic these past 18 months, so today, we're taking a look at the best resume templates for creative professionals to use to help them land their next exciting role.

A recent survey has found that 1 in 4 employees will be looking to move to a new role in the coming months meaning the job market will be getting even more competitive. So if you're a creative professional looking for a new role, you'll want to make sure you stand out from the crowd; one of the easiest ways to do this is by having an eye-catching Resume.

Apparently, recruiters take just several seconds looking over a resume before deciding if you are qualified for a role or not, so you need to make that first look count with a great first impression.

Let's take a look at the best resume templates available on Design Bundles that you can use to help land that new job.

Resume CV v.06

As a creative freelancer, you need a resume that represents your personality as well as your skills, and this is the perfect template to do just that. If you're an art director looking for a new challenge, then this is an ideal CV design for you.

The 15 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 1

Image credit: Tellu & Friends

This template is bright, colorful, and fun but with plenty of space to highlight your professional skills and qualifications while not being too information-heavy. When listing out previous work experience, give an overview of your role as a bullet point list and then choose one key achievement from that period to highlight underneath. Make sure to add a list of the programs you are most proficient in to demonstrate your hard skills (hard skills are abilities that help you tackle job-specific tasks)

All of the elements on this template have been made easily editable in Illustrator and Photoshop, so you can customize it however you see fit.

Resume Template BellaBlue

This template offers a feminine yet professional flair that is sure to make you stand out. It also comes with a coordinating cover letter template to keep the design cohesive across your whole application. It would be perfect for brand managers who want to lay out the details of their most successful campaigns - there is plenty of space to detail campaign objectives and results data without making the page look too cluttered.

The 15 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 3

Image credit: RockstarCV

Your job is to create engagement for posts on social media, so you want to make sure your CV is just as engaging. Use a reverse-chronological format when listing campaigns you've worked on or work experience; you want to display your most recent (and therefore, most relevant) experience first. If you're applying to a company that works for a lot of brands, add a miscellaneous section to your CV and list your interests or skills that could be relevant to some of their clients; make sure to do your research before an interview and throw into the conversation how some of those interests could benefit your work with those smaller clients.

Creative Resume Template Instant Download

This template uses geometric graphics and a simple yet strong color palette to draw the recruiter's eye to the main points of interest. It looks stylish without being overly busy and is sure to catch people's attention. It would be an ideal resume template for a web developer as it comes across as highly professional but with a clean and smart design look. In addition, it shows an ability to be able to provide attention to detail as well as your own creative flair.

The 15 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 4

Image credit: ResumeInventor

When adding your skills as a web developer, you want to list your soft skills (personal attributes), hard skills (abilities that can be taught and measured), and technical skills to show that you have a good range of knowledge that would make you ideal for the position. Be sure to list your skills along with a short explanation - for example, Programming Languages: Proficient in CSS, Python, HTML, and PHP. This provides a bit more substance than just listing off all the programs you can use.

Colorful | CV & Resume

Creative editors and content specialists, this CV is perfect for you! If your primary job role covers many areas, you want an excellent all-around CV & Resume template. You want to show off your excellent copywriting skills by dividing your resume into sections with headings that stand out.

The 15 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 5

Image credit: Vunira Template

The bright colors and bold sidebar in this design mean you can highlight your areas of skill while also cementing your place as an expert in your field. For example, we'd use the darker sidebar area to detail your team management and organizational skills, while the main body of text can separate your achievements and qualifications. Read back through the job description and find the keywords the company has used when describing some of the role requirements; make sure to repeat these words or phrases in your resume so that from a quick scan, a recruiter will see them and automatically tick a mental box that they see you fitting the job spec.

Professional Resume CV Template Layout

The eye-catching graphics on this CV template would be perfect for showing off your skills as a graphic designer. Want to stand out even more? Tailor the document's color palette to match the brand colors of the company you are applying to! Choose an easy-to-read font but show off your typography skills by using something that's not your standard Verdana or Helvetica.The 15 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 6

Image credit: Roverto Castillo

There is lots of room to add your own design flair with this template. For example, you could expand some of the design elements over more than one page if you want to give a thorough review of your working history with more detailed notes or keep it nice, compact, and to the point with a single page spread to show off your career 'highlights'. If you've done a lot of freelance graphic design work, then you could also highlight this on a separate page, be sure to get permission from clients before sharing any of the designs you have worked on, and use it as an opportunity to get a quote from them about your work.

Resume Template

This bold Resume template would be ideal for showcasing your freelance writing skills. It's bright enough to stand out but structured so that you can hit the key points to show why you are best suited for the role. We especially like the 'About Me' panel on the cover letter template as it allows you to separate out highlighting your best qualities while using the covering letter to explain why you are best suited for that particular role.

The 15 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 7

Image credit: Ultimate Template

As a freelancer, you want to show off your skills in writing but also your skills in SEO, research, and teamwork. You want to make sure that your CV gets to the point (because a lot of the time recruiters will just do a scan read before choosing if you go in the yes or no pile!) and sells your best skills. Don't just list your skills though, make sure you tailor them to fit the skills required on the job advert.

Cv design. Professional resume with business details

Turns your CV from a boring list of qualifications into a skill and expertise infographic! This is another template that would be great to show off graphic design skills.

The 15 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 9

Image credit: MicroOne

To make it really stand out, why not turn it into a 2 page CV with your main bulk of info on the second page and have the front page as more of an infographic poster as to why you are ideal for the job?

A bit like the idea of 'a picture painting a thousand words', have an infographic with your key skills and attributes as the attention grabber, making them want to read the second page. Make use of white space on this front page to keep it easy to read and draw the eye to the most important sections of info. When listing your skill, include a mix of soft skills, hard skills, and technical skills to show you are well-rounded in all areas of design.

Cv Resume and cover letter template

Are you a social media influencer looking to bag your next brand ambassador role? This could be the template that takes your application from ok to awesome! Your job as a social media influencer is to get engagement on posts, so you want to make sure that your CV is just as engaging.The 15 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 11

Image credit: Manilla Designs

It has room to add your social channels in the header (we suggest including current follower totals to show off your audience) and then has plenty of space to talk about your skills and areas of expertise in the main body of text. Use reverse chronological order when listing campaigns you have worked on, as the most recent is most relevant in the fast-moving world of social media. For the covering letter, read through the job description thoroughly and reference critical points by explaining how previous campaigns you have worked on have had similar goals and how you helped the brands to achieve them - relevant experience backed up by numbers is your winning combination.

Creative Resume CV Template for Word & Pages

Are you a marketing director looking for a new role? Then, this is the CV template for you! This 3-page layout gives you plenty of room to document your experience with developing promotional strategies, managing a marketing team, as well as space to provide a brief overview of previous successful campaigns you have managed.

10Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 10

Image credit: Templates Design Co

Communication is key in a role such as yours, so use the sidebar areas to show you can relay important information succinctly and efficiently. Providing real numbers is also something that will help you stand out, so if you've got details on how your campaigns have helped increase ROI, then definitely make sure to include them. Don't focus on previous job duties, highlight previous achievements - they're hiring you because you can deliver results. Also, don't go too heavy on the education info, it's great if you've got multiple degrees, but work experience is what they're after - just add the school, the education level, and some key points.

Modern Creative Resume Template

The world of PR moves quickly, so if you're looking for a new role, you want to make sure your CV is top of the pile. This modern creative resume template is perfect for showing off your excellent writing skills while still looking professional and stylish. PR is about getting to the point and getting a message across, so why not add a summary to your CV header explaining why you are the best person for the job.The 15 Best Resume Templates for Creative Professionals 13

Image credit: Aspect-Studio

Do your research on previous PR campaigns they've done so that you can bring them up in the interview room - if they ask you questions about campaigns you've worked on that have gone well, be sure to give the highlights but also what you learned from it to use in other work. Try changing the template colors and fonts to mirror the branding of the company you're interviewing, act like you're already part of the team, and they won't be able to stop themselves seeing you as a perfect fit!

Now that you've had some creative inspiration, you're all ready to update your CV and smash the job interviews. Just remember to prepare, smile, and go in confident - You've got this.


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