8 Ways to Boost Your Craft Business with Design Bundles

8 Ways to Boost Your Craft Business with Design Bundles

For a lot of crafters being able to turn their hobby into their full-time job is the absolute dream, but being a craft business owner isn't just about creating products and shipping them to customers.
There is a whole lot more involved with running a business and running it well, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first but once you break it down into sections it really isn't that hard.

Today we're going to talk about some small changes you can make to your business with the help of Design Bundles to really take it to the next level and get you looking super professional.

Boost Your Business With Design Bundles

Here are some of the easy ways to make some small changes to your business that can make a big impression on your customers

Business Branding

It's important to make your brand and business stand out. There are lots of ways to do this but one of the easiest is to look at how you are presenting your finished product. Let's look at some ways to do this:

Small business packaging, Thank you Stickers from CrazyCutDesigns

Thank You Stickers

Adding Thank You stickers to your finished orders is a lovely touch and not something a lot of people do, it can make a big difference to how people perceive your business and adds an extra level of professionalism and wow factor. Try searching Thank You Stickers in the Design Bundles search bar and see what comes up, I guarantee you will be able to find something that complements your business aesthetic.

Rainbow Thank You Business Card Canva Template from Added Touch Paper

Thank You Cards

Why not go one further than the Thank You Stickers and include a Thank You card? Depending on how busy you are with your business and how many orders you are processing you might not have enough time to handwrite a personal note on a thank you card but it's still worth putting one in. Take a look at some of the Thank You Card templates on Design Bundles, you could edit the designs to include a standard bit of text to each one before printing.

Why not try adding some printed text to a Thank You Card asking people to share photos of their products on social media, if they do so and tag you in it then maybe you can give them a discount on their next order?

Printable Tumbler Care Cards from I love Kawaii Designs

Care Cards

Does the product you're sending out need to be used/washed/cared for in a certain way? A lot of the time people put the care instructions for a product on the actual listing but neglect to send something with the actual item to remind people. Adding something like a Care Card to a product is good on two fronts, firstly it's another way to add a bit of your branding to your products - people will tend to keep a little card with care instructions on it so if it's got your logo or socials on the back of it, it's more free advertising for you. Secondly, if you've reminded people how best to use their product then you have less chance of people coming back to your saying they've broken or damaged it.

There are tons of pre-made Care Card Templates on Design Bundles, a lot come in bundles too which is great if you personalise a wide range of items!

Toddler Shirt Mockup, Youth Boys White Shirt Mockup from Bella B Mockups

Make The Most of Mock-Ups

If you don't use mockups in your business then you are seriously missing out on a great way to save money! Mockups are a great way to advertise items in your business without having to actually make the products straight away. A Mock-Up is essentially a staged photo of a blank product that you can add your designs to and show people how the finished item would look, this saves you having to physically make an example product to show a customer (saving you time and money in the process).

If you go to the Crafters section of the DesignBundles menu you'll find a whole sub-section called Craft Mock-Ups, in there you will find over 7.5k images of products you can use to create your own mockups.

25 x Pink Online Business Social Media Quotes from Social Media Quotes

Social Media Templates

Making sure you have a social media presence is a great way to help promote your business, if you can keep your social channels 'on brand' and looking cohesive then that's even better.

An easy way to achieve this curated look on your feed is by using a Social Media Template pack, no matter what your current style is you'll be able to find something suitable on Design Bundles. You can tweak the packs to match your brand colours or add your logo into the corner of each one, it doesn't take a lot to give you a whole library of posts.

Crafters Business Bundle, Order Forms and Trackers from Hustle Smart Studio

Business Planning & Resources

Planning and organisation are what great businesses are built on, they aren't things that are always easy to manage yourself though - especially if you are new to the world of business. There's no need to fear, Design Bundles have got you covered. If you type Business Planner into the search bar you'll find a whole host of handy printable planners and tools - we've got things like order forms and order books, creative business plans, quarterly goal-setting planners, expense trackers. Having just one of these sitting on your desk to help keep you organised is a great way to get your business off on the right foot.

Design Bundles Benefits For Your Business

We've taken a look at some of the creative ways we can use DesignBundles products to help promote and run our business but did you know there were some other great business perks that come with using Design Bundles?

Personal and Commercial Use

A lot of people don't set out to have a craft business, it's usually something that develops from a hobby or where people have been creating items for personal use and others have seen them and asked 'oh could you make something like that for me? I'm happy to pay!'.

The beauty of using a file from DesignBundles is that they come with personal and commercial use license so even if you start off as just making items for your self and friends/family, you can then go on to sell the items you've made using DB files as you are covered with the commercial license.

Intellectual Property Monitoring 

Copyright can be a minefield in the crafting world, there aren't many marketplaces that check their seller's designs for copyright infringement but Design Bundles do!

That means you can purchase files from Design Bundles sellers without having to be worried that you might get stung for a copyright violation, they have already been pre-vetted.

Backing Up Your Purchases

Organising things like SVG's and design files can be hard (I'm sure I'm not the only one with random folders on my desktop where I've tried to keep track of them all!) and let's not even mention the terror of having your computer or hard drive dying on you and losing all your files.

The great thing about having an account with Design Bundles is that you have a backup of all your purchases. As soon as you buy an item the files are saved in the Purchases area of your account and you can go back at any time and redownload them.

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