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7 Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond

7 Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond

Identifying Cricut ideas to sell can inspire the best side hustle ideas for crafters and creatives. Getting started with a creative side hustle can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you aren’t naturally crafty, but that’s where the Cricut comes in. Using a machine such as a Cricut Maker helps to simplify the crafting process and opens the door to so many design and material possibilities!

7 Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 15

In this post, we share 7 Cricut projects that you can use to start a profitable craft business. We also end with a helpful tutorial so you can learn how to use Cricut Design Spaces' offset function to make your label designs stand out.

Why Look For Cricut Ideas to Sell?

Crafting can be an expensive hobby, so wouldn’t it be great if you could turn that hobby into something that makes you some money too! If you own a Cricut machine, it’s easy to turn your hobby into a profitable craft business.

We all know the saying ‘time is money', and when it comes to making money from a crafting side hustle, that really is the case - the more efficient you can be with your crafting time, the higher profit margins you’ll see, and that’s where the Cricut comes in.

Fun fact: Did you know that the Cricut Maker has 10x the cutting force of the Cricut Explore meaning it can cut through materials such as leather, basswood, and chipboard with ease - which opens up a whole new world of crafts you can sell!

It’s easy to find creative side hustle ideas when you see the vast array of SVG cut files and fonts available on sites such as DesignBundles. All you need is a few good designs that fit together well as an overall aesthetic (rustic farmhouse, for example) or that you can translate to different items to start a profitable Cricut business.

3 Best Selling Cricut Projects According to Pinterest

So you’ve invested in a Cricut machine, it's all set it up, and you’ve probably overwhelmed yourself with all the craft possibilities and don’t know where to start. No need to panic; we’ve got you covered!

Pinterest is a great place to search for project ideas and inspiration. Just searching 'Cricut Projects to Sell' comes up with hundreds of fabulous ideas. But there's an even handier tool on there that not many people know about!

7 Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 13

Checking Pinterest's trends for crafting inspiration.

If you have a Business account on Pinterest, you can click on the Analytics drop-down menu, and at the bottom, there is the Trends button. If you click on that, you can then go to a clever tool that will let you search keywords and search phrases to see how popular they have been over time. And also what the current trending pins in those sections are - this is an invaluable tool to know about and can help you find even more epic Cricut ideas to sell!

To take the strain out of this process and to help you get started, we've collated a list of our favorite easy Cricut projects according to Pinterest trends: they're a great place to practice your skills so that you can build the most profitable Cricut business in no time at all.

1. Personalized Doormats

When it comes to making money with crafts, anything personalized is a sure-fire win. Personalized doormats are really easy to make; you just need a shallow bristled mat (IKEA do some Coir ones that are perfect!), Freezer Paper to act as your stencil, some outdoor acrylic paint, and some fun doormat designs.

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 6

Image credit:Grandkids Spoiled Here svg | Welcome sign svg | Doormat svg

2. Planner Stickers

Who doesn't love a sticker? Planner and Bullet Journals are one of those trends that don't seem to be going away any time soon so why not jump on it and start designing your own planner stickers.

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 7

Image credit: Planner Stickers Template - Rainbow / Unicorn

3. Wedding Invites

If you want to make money from your creative skills, getting in on events like Weddings is the way to go. Whether you're a photographer, baker, seamstress, or paper crafter, if you can niche down into doing wedding-specific work, then you're going to be kept busy all year. Wedding invites are a great product to design because you can develop some templates and then just change up fonts or colors to suit a customer's preference.

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 8

Image credit: Wedding Invitations Cards Templates

4 Vinyl Ideas To Sell

If you're not comfortable getting into full-on arts and crafts, you can always just stick with vinyl-only projects. There are still many great money-making ideas that just use standard self-adhesive vinyl or HTV (heat transfer vinyl).

These products are generally quicker to make and, depending on the size of the product, you can produce multiple creations at once. The sale price point might be slightly lower, but that generally makes sales turnover a lot higher! Let's take a look at some of the best vinyl ideas to sell.

1. Vinyl Calligraphy Quote

If you've got a printer and a Cricut, then you're good to go with this Craft! All you need to do is find a nice background image, print that onto some high-quality card, and then choose a suitable font calligraphy font for your quote. Cut your quote out in vinyl using the Cricut, and then apply it to your card! An added benefit of creating quote art is that it's a lot easier to send to customers; just pop it in a rigid mailer envelope with a couple of 'do not bend' stickers, and you're good to go.

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 9

Image credit: Girl Boss - Wall art

2. Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Do you know what teachers really appreciate? Practical stuff that they can use in the classroom! There is a big market for Teacher Appreciation gifts, it is pretty seasonal, but if you can keep up with demand at the time, you'll be making the big bucks!

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 10

Image credit: Teacher svg bundle dxf png eps - teacher appreciation svg

3. Organization Labels

One of the most lucrative vinyl products to sell is labels! Everyone has gone organization crazy over the past 18 months, and labeling items is a big part of that trend. The main thing you need to do to set yourself apart from everyone else is to look at your font choices - you want something easy to read, but that's also easy to cut and weed (remember we said time is money before? Well, a tricky to cut and weed font can slow you down!)

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 11

Image credit: Pantry Labels SVG Bundle Complete collection Kitchen SVG

4. Custom Water Bottles

The sale of custom and personalized water bottles has shot right up since people have started going back to working in offices. Everyone needs to stay hydrated throughout the day, and everyone wants to make sure they aren't spreading germs, so having a personal water bottle is the ideal solution. There are so many ways to personalize an item, but just something as simple as having a name put across an item in an attractive font is still top of the best sellers lists on Etsy.

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 12

Image credit: Sunflower Monogram SVG, Water Bottle Tracker Cut Files

How To Use the Offset Function To Take Your Labels to the Next Level!

We've put together a tutorial to show you how to use Cricut Design Spaces' new offset function to make your designs stand out; this technique is perfect for using with self-adhesive vinyl and HTV and makes designing vinyl items to sell quick and easy.

Step 1. Start by Finding a Suitable Font for Your Names

In this tutorial, we're using Sandcastle and Times New Roman.

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 8

Tip: If you're using a kerned font, then make sure all the letter-spacing looks correct before welding the letter together.

Step 2. Select a Name and Then Click on the Offset Option in the Main Toolbar

You can use the slider to adjust the distance of the offset line around the image; on script fonts, we find it looks best to keep some gaps around certain letters and use the rounded corner option; otherwise, the finished result can look a bit 'blocky.'

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 9

With Serif fonts, we go for a wider offset as we don't want any gaps between letters.

Step 3. Change the Offset and Font Color 

If you plan to cut them in different vinyl colors, click the 'Make It' button.

# Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 10

Step 4. Once Your Vinyl Is Cut, Weed It and Apply Application Tape to the Names.

7 Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 14

Step 5. Remove the Names From the Backing Paper

Remove the names from the backing paper and carefully line them up onto your offset shape. Make sure the layers are well adhered by pressing down with a squeegee or roller.

7 Epic Cricut Ideas To Sell in 2021 & Beyond 14

Just that one simple step of adding an offset in a contrasting or complementary color can make your labels really stand out, and it doesn't add much time to the crafting process!

Happy Selling Creatives!

Hopefully, this post has given you lots of ideas on how to use your Cricut to build up a profitable craft side hustle - the possibilities are endless when you've found some inspiration.

If you're still struggling to find something that ignites your crafting fire, why not just browse the Craft designs section on Design Bundles? There are over 327,000 files on there that you can use in any manner of ways to create some fantastic projects.

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