10 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand

10 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand

Instagram story templates are a great way to make your feed stand out in the sea of social media. Most social media platforms can serve as portfolios, personal blogs, or even a shop to some. However you use social media, the most important thing about your brand is how it looks to your viewers.

The more aestheticallypleasing your posts are, the more attention and hopefully conversion rates you'll gain from them! This is where Instagram templates come in handy. Templates do all the hard parts for you because the design is already arranged and well thought out by a professional. All you need to do is add your own photos, quotes, and links to personalize. You can also change colors and fonts in most templates to match your brand!

10 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 11

Image credit: Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Instagram stories are only present on your account for 24 hours, and then they disappear. The goal is to capture the user's attention during those 15-second viewing time slots, so they want to view more. All of the bundles below include story and post templates, and more so your brand looks professional, attractive, and engages your social media audience.

Below are 10 of the best Instagram templates on Design Bundles. We explore templates for influencers, general use, food bloggers, restaurants, realtors, the beauty and healthcare industry, and more. File formats do vary. There are some made with Photoshop, while others are made with the app called Canva. Choose one that best suits your brand and needs, and get ready to see that conversion rate soar!

Golden Wave Instagram Template Pack

This full Instagram makeover pack made by Aksana's Templates includes posts, stories, and carousel templates to upgrade your profile. Created with beauty, travel, and fashion bloggers in mind, these templates will surely add a bit of glam for those browsing through your feed. Waves of gold and pink surround your photos, quotes, and posts for a visually pleasing feel, while your words and photos are front and center for maximum exposure. If you choose to download this template pack, you can use all 39 posts in any order to create a truly unique experience for your Instagram followers.

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 1

Image credit: Aksana's Templates

Each template is fully customizable (such as the colors, text, and images) so that you can match the templates to your brand's colors for an overall unified look. You will need Photoshop to edit the files. However, with the use of smart objects, switching out photos will be a breeze!

Instagram Template Black and Gold. Instagram Posts and Story

Gold is the color of success and achievement. It implies wealth and luxury when someone wears gold or owns gold items. The black and gold accents would look best for a high fashion or jewelry influencer. Show off the richness of your product by accenting your photos with the backgrounds provided. This Instagram template pack by Innova Studio is ready to be personalized in the Canva App. Add your own photos, fonts, and content to bring your high fashion to life and show your followers how a little glamor can enrich their lifestyle. There are 34 files in this bundle, 9 photo post templates, 9 text post templates, 9 story templates, and 7 highlight covers.

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 2

Image credit: Innova Studio

With everything included to revamp your Instagram feed, you will surely impress and stand out amongst the rest, especially your competitors! Who needs diamonds when you have gold?

Big Bundle Restaurant Food Instagram Post and Story Template

This massive bundle is strictly for food bloggers, restaurants, and chefs. Believe it or not, using color is one way to wow your food-focused audience and get their mouths watering by just the sight of it. Create stunning posts and stories using the many templates available while spending more time on food prep and less time on social media. Each full set of post and story templates has a total of 9 to 12 different layouts for a collage-type look on your feed. Mix and match colors depending on your brand identity and even the food you present to your viewers.

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 3

Image credit: Peterdraw

It's also important to note that this Instagram post and story template bundle includes free lifetime updates, so you will always be the first to know of any updates or additions in this bundle. All files are currently available in Photoshop or Illustrator to edit and add your own content before posting to your feed. They are fully customizable with colors, shapes, fonts, and photos.

Instagram Story Template, Abstract Modern Background JPEG

If you are after a minimal, abstract look, this pack is uniquely created by Yamurchik and has easy-to-use backgrounds to fill your stories with. The Trendy organic leaves with a boho vibe will surely draw in your followers and keep them engaged. 20 premade Instagram templates in pink and blue are included. Feel free to add photos, quotes, and more on top of the backgrounds for a quick and easy upgrade to your feed. You may even decide to create your own highlight covers to match your feed using the backgrounds provided.

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 4

Image credit: Yamurchik

JPEG, PNG, EPS, and PDF are available for all included files to suit your exact needs. You can upload these directly into your design program to start creating your social media posts. These backgrounds are best suited for those who already have a handle on post-creating and content.

30 Instagram Story Templates in Canva, Instagram Template

Boost your brand's online presence with these bold and straightforward templates from Oh July. This bundle includes 30 separate Instagram stories that are fully customizable in Canva. This pack was made for retail and fashion stores to easily promote sales, blog posts, and more with a few clicks. Grab your shoppers' attention with bold words and shapes, making them want to check out what is happening on your Insta feed!

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 5

Image credit: Oh July

You can color each template to match your brand's aesthetic by changing the color in Canva. The app also allows for easy-to-use drag and drop features for fast creation. Use your own fonts and photos to personalize them further and keep the same look and feel throughout your social media feed. Spend more time on your business and less time creating posts to wow your viewers. With a pack of this size, you can plan ahead by creating multiple stories in one sitting to post later on.

30 Instagram Story Templates in Canva, Instagram Template

Social media and its influence on real estate are one of the biggest trends of the year. Currently, the market is exploding with beautiful homes, and sometimes you need to be able to stand out. You could say some digital curb appeal would do the trick. Whether you're a first-time homeowner or veteran realtor, we can always use a bit of pizazz to spice up a property listing. This is when social media and the use of beautifully designed templates come to the rescue. Turn your dark and outdated photos into works of art.

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 6

Image credit: Oh July

Boost your digital curb appeal with Canva Instagram templates and make your property listing the talk of the town in no time at all. These templates are as easy as picking the perfect photo and pairing the ideal background. This bundle has 30 fully editable stories to jazz up with some eye-catching wordplay, and then you're ready to post.

Pastel Beige Instagram Story Highlights, Icons, Brand Kit

Are you in need of a complete rebranding of your social media? This full branding kit by Swan Media has everything you need to make your brand look polished, sophisticated, and organized. Aesthetic is huge in social media. Every large social media presence has a "look," and if you notice, each one of their social media will look and feel the same, no matter where they are posting. By using the beige colors and abstract shapes in this bundle, you will be able to create a cohesive look and feel to your feed that will draw attention to the content you are promoting.

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 7

Image Credit: Swan Media

In this branding package, you will receive 20 story templates, 5 separate background templates. You also receive 37 text and image stickers to mix and match on your posts to create a one-of-a-kind feed, unlike anyone else. Use the included story highlight covers to add an even more cohesive feel to your profile.

Instagram Story Templates for Canva | Blush

Influencers and small business owners.. this one is for you! Anytime you add a call to action on your social media, whether it be a multiple choice question or a game to play, the chances of your followers engaging will increase. More engagement = more followers = more $$$. These templates make it simple and easy to raise engagement by having followers interact with your posts. Ask questions, show off sales, play games, and more. Every template is customizable to your liking. Change colors, photos, and words. For those who don't have color preferences, keep with the beautiful pink and nude tones already designed for you.

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 8

Image credit: Thirty One Palms Studio

You will receive 12 templates in a Canva file form. Included in this bundle is a free resource to access hundreds of stock photos to use on your posts and the fonts included in the templates. That alone is worth more than this bundle! Revamp your social media and watch your numbers soar.

Little Dreamer Watercolor Instagram Puzzle Template

Life is all about creating memories and sharing stories. Each moment is just a little piece of a bigger picture we call life, and you must capture it before it's gone. You could say that each iconic moment whether it be your firstborn, new engagement, or first home, is just a puzzle piece forming what we know is our life. Sometimes it's hard to express our full range of emotions with a single picture. That's when LyubovZaytseva's Little dreamer bundle is a great choice to share those moments with others.

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 12

Image credit: LyubovZaytseva

Social media is the best way to spread the joy you captured to your loved ones. You could always send a letter the old-fashioned way, but why not share a personalized scrapbook-like puzzle with all your family instantaneously. This package includes everything you need to express and impress: 21 templates with 10 story templates designed with star constellations, hot air balloons, and pastel rainbows.

60 Beauty Skin Care Instagram Templates Bundle

This is another beautiful Instagram template bundle worth mentioning from Oh July. If you are in the beauty and healthcare industry, you understand how important it is to have a sophisticated and stunning social media presence. It is hard to stand out in an industry that is oversaturated. However, with a bundle like this one, you can set yourself apart from the rest. Spend less time creating and designing social media posts and more time on what matters most, the actual product!

15 Instagram Story Templates To Boost Your Brand 14

Image credit: Oh, July

Included in this bundle are 60 melanin-colored templates that you can use for Instagram posts and stories. Create quote posts, games, and more. These are designed in Canva and ready to be edited. Change the fonts, colors, photos, and more to better suit your brand. Take your business to the next level by advertising your products against the beautiful melanin tones provided in the bundle.

Happy Instagramming!

As you can see, Instagram story templates and post templates, in general, can be a great tool in helping you promote your brand beautifully with a few clicks of a button. Save time and energy by using premade templates to aid in a cohesive, well-planned social media presence. If you are still searching for that perfect bundle, check out the other stunning Instagram Templates we have on Design Bundles.

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