Seller Spotlight: Sanqunetti Design

Seller Spotlight: Sanqunetti Design

Join us for another exciting installment in our Seller Spotlight series, where we celebrate the array of talented independent designers selling in our marketplace. In this edition, we chat with Judy from Sanqunetti Design.Seller Spotlight: Sanqunetti Design 1

Image Credit: Sanqunetti Design

Judy's shop caught our attention after seeing her Positivity and Inspirational Sticker Bundle trending in the Stickers category. Stickers are such fun and seeing all of Judy's amazing designs, it makes me want to print stickers and put them on everything!

Read on to discover Judy's creative process, top tips for other sellers, future goals, and so much more.

Hey Judy! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey there! My name is Judy Sanqunetti, and I am the designer behind Sanqunetti Design. I live in Noblesville, Indiana with my husband of 20 years, and together we have two high school boys. I’m a sports mom, so my spring and fall seasons are busy going to baseball, rugby, and football games. Most of the time, I enjoy having my downtime on our 5 acres of property, which is nice to have the privacy and quiet time. During the summer, I enjoy going out on our boat with the family. With my me time, I enjoy watching a movie, or I can never go wrong with a few episodes of Friends. If time allows, it’s also nice to get away from the computer and doodle on my iPad or sketchbook.

Valentine Bundle Sanqunetti Design

Image Credit: Sanqunetti Design's Valentine Bundle

What is your favorite product to design, and how did you discover it as a niche?

I started off doing Clipart design for embroidery digitizers. After I did that for a while I noticed that SVG design was really gaining popularity, so I added that market into my design. SVG is my favorite because of all the craft and project possibilities. I also design stickers, and that is a lot of fun to do as well.

How would you describe your style?

I love to design simple, a combination of lettering and graphics. I like keeping it clean and easy to work with, so I try not to add too much detail. I really love color and really enjoy researching color pallets before I start a project. As far as themes, funny is my favorite, they seem to be my bestsellers. I also enjoy creating designs for home decor projects for all the holidays and seasons.

Crafty Wife Happy Life SVG Sanqunetti Design

Image Credit: Sanqunetti Design's Crafty Wife Happy Life SVG

What (or who) inspires you to make new designs or create your products?

Endless possibilities on this one! I am always on the lookout for new ideas. It can be anywhere from taking pictures when I am out shopping, looking online at various home decor stores, apparel shops, and so on. My customers also play a big role in inspiration, sometimes they will send requests, so I can get a starting point on what to design

When it comes to motivation, the design community is at the top. The artists that I communicate with are so helpful and positive with everyone. We all want to see each other succeed. It’s so nice to see that everyone comes together and helps each other with motivation.

Cute Animal Mail Sticker Bundle Sanqunetti Design

Image Credit: Sanqunetti Design's Cute Animal Mail Sticker Bundle

What does a typical day look like for you behind the scenes?

The morning time is my favorite!! This is when I grab my laptop, get a cozy blanket and cup of coffee to begin my day. I start off by checking emails, drafting listings, promotion, and really any tasks that do not require designing. After I take care of my morning tasks, I take care of the house chores.

I head into my office and start on my design work. I do my research in the morning or evening, so my goal for the daytime is just to concentrate on getting artwork done. My boys are in high school and my husband is at work, so I have the house to myself during the day to get things done. During the evenings I try my best not to work, I find this time is best spent winding down and being with my family.Snail Mail and Business Packaging Sticker Bundle Sanqunetti Design

Image Credit: Sanqunetti Design's Snail Mail and Business Packaging Sticker Bundle

What is your designing tool (or tools) of choice?

I use CorelDRAW for all my design work. This is really all I need, on occasion I do sublimation design on my iPad.

What's your best-selling item?

As far as the number of sales, it’s My sarcastic Christmas Bundle.Funny and Sarcastic Christmas SVG Bundle Sanqunetti Design

Image Credit: Sanqunetti Design's Funny and Sarcastic Christmas SVG Bundle

But for earnings, it would be my Rose Gold packaging sticker bundle

Small Business and Packaging Sticker Bundle Rose Gold Sanqunetti Design

Image Credit: Sanqunetti Design's Small Business Packaging and Sticker Bundle Rose Gold

What's something you wish you knew when you started designing or creating?

Proper SEO, how to use keywords effectively in my listings, and make the most out of my description. I also wish I had better resources on where to look for design trends when I started out

What tips would you have for any new designers or sellers wanting to start?

Be open to change, I was stubborn for a while, I didn’t want to change or expand my target market, I was stuck on selling SVG singles for a long time instead of getting into bundles. Things like this were actually hurting my business, after I opened up and took advice it made a big impact on my sales.

Presentation is also very important, everything in your shop needs to match and coordinate well. Try to imagine if your logo was not on your images, would people still know that it was yours due to how you did your previews? Mock-ups are also important, I always use several of them to show variety on how the designs can be used.Aloha Beaches SVG Sanqunetti Design

Image Credit: Sanquneitti Design's Aloha Beaches

Do you have any future goals for your Design Bundles shop?

I plan to keep growing in my current market and to keep getting new art listed on a regular basis, It took me a long time to find my style and niche. But I am always open to new areas of the crafting market if it’s a good fit for me.

Where can we find you online?

Design Bundles:

Facebook Group:

Facebook Page:


Thanks so much, Judy, for taking part in the Design Bundles Seller Spotlight series. We loved learning more about you, your creative process, inspiration, and top tips. And a big thanks to our wonderful readers and designer community. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Seller Spotlight series.

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