Incredible Sticker Mockups for Crafters and Designers

Incredible Sticker Mockups for Crafters and Designers

Making DIY stickers with your Cricut is easy, but don't forget to stock up on sticker mockups so you can show off your creations with style! Using mockups or similar staged photos can truly be an essential part of marketing. Crafters and designers often expend significant effort into their small biz, from brainstorming new ideas to product creation. All of that equates to a large time investment, and we all know; time is money!

Sticker designs have been around for ages but have regained popularity in recent years and have become hot sellers. Whether you're a graphic designer or a small business owner, mockups like these hand mockups, laptop sticker mockups, and similar are essential tools. Stickers can be a bit more difficult to stage in such a way that makes the image enticing, so being able to use something like a circle sticker PSD mockup is a game changer! Sure, you could copy and paste your PNG right over the top of a plain background, but why not take that extra step to incorporate elements like a hand mockup? Sometimes, those small details can make your shop or designs stand out amongst the crowd, and that's what we're all aiming for, isn't it! Without further ado, let's dig in!

1. Hand Mockup Plus Backgrounds Created by Brushed Rose Digital

This best-selling hand mockup is the perfect choice for sticker designers and crafters! With four JPG background images, including both blurred and regular versions, plus PNGs for the hand itself, this mockup has it all. The hand is separated into two parts, the top, and the back, so you can layer your sticker design between the two and create a realistic effect. Easy to use, and the results look fantastic!

Sticker Hand Mockup With Backgrounds

Image Credit: Brushed Rose Digital

2. Bubble Mailer Mockup Created by Plus

Packaging stickers are a great way to add a little something extra to your products and are fantastic for marketing! Many small business owners utilize thank you stickers and similar styles. If you're a graphic designer who creates these types of products, packaging mockups like this bubble mailer work amazingly well for showing off those graphics!

Mailer Mockup

Image Credit: Plus

3. Plaid Background Mockup Created by Nichole Andrew

Many of the mockups created for stickers are PSD or smart objects mockups. If you don't have access to software that can utilize those, you will need a JPG version. This is a fun option for creatives who want a basic photo that they can use without layering PNGs or utilizing smart objects. Plus, the plaid background is fantastic for Christmas-themed designs!

Plaid Background Hand Mockup for Stickers

Image Credit: Nichole Andrew

4. Packaging Mockup Bundle Created by IndrePauMockup

Most graphic designers like to have a variety of mockups to choose from when showcasing their artwork. That's why bundles are so smart! These mockups are specially created for circle stickers and include five different styles, ranging from holiday-themed to generic, making this a versatile option. If you have a sticker shop or design round stickers, this bundle is one to check out!

Sticker Mockup Bundle

Image Credit: IndrePauMockup

5. Laptop Mockup Created by Plus

One of the many ways people use stickers is to decorate objects like laptops. That's why using a laptop sticker mockup can be a fantastic way to display your designs! You'll find a wide variety of laptop mockups on the marketplace, many with a generic theme like this one and plenty of stylized versions. Pick a few favorites so you can rotate through them and add some interest to your images!

Laptop Sticker Mockup

Image Credit: Plus

6. Smart Object Mockup Created by Little Type Factory

Consider using a smart object mockup when you're short on time and need to make edits in a hurry. With just a single click in most cases, you can virtually place your image or design exactly where it needs to go. No messing with alignment issues by hand anymore, not when you're working with amazingly easy-to-use sticker mockups like this one! If you haven't given PSD smart object mockups a try, give them a shot.

Incredible Sticker Mockups for Crafters and Designers 6

Image Credit: Little Type Factory

7. Child's Hand Mockup Created by Ok-Design

Not just another mockup, this one features children's hands! You can use both hands or just one with both left and right alignment options. Sticker designs are a fan favorite for children, so if you're a creative who makes or sells stickers geared toward children, this is a must-have for your design portfolio! One of the best parts of using a PNG mockup for stickers is that they work with any size or shape, making them very versatile.

Children's Hand Sticker Mockup

Image Credit: Ok-Design

8. Sticker Sheet Mockup Created by Pixtordesigns

There are a few different ways that graphic designers save their stickers. Some choose to provide a sheet for the user. Those are great for crafters that like to cut full sheets of one design. With this easy-to-use PSD mockup, you can quickly create sheet images right inside Photoshop! Plus, with a PNG option, you can showcase multiple graphics at the same time. It's the best of both worlds with this set, sticker sheets, plus a hand PNG for the full effect!

Sticker Sheet Mockup

Image Credit: Pixtordesigns

9. Full Page Background Mockup Created by MockupMarket

This circle sticker PSD mockup is a unique take on the sheet style. Crafters or graphic designers can present the graphic on a larger scale by using the full background or image to display the design. That can be a fantastic way to make sure your photos show off small details, textures like glitter, and so forth. With this mockup, the user can easily change the background color to one that best highlights their artwork.

Full Page Background Mockup for Stickers

Image Credit: MockupMarket

10. Packaging Mockup Created by Charley Rae Mockups

How fun and colorful is this packaging mockup? This JPG photo is sized just right for sticker shop owners and graphic designers looking to feature packing stickers. That bright peach color just pops against the wood and lends a playful feel to the entire image. Since most stickers have a white outline or offset, the contrast between the peach and the white should ensure the sticker itself shines like a star! This is a great one to add to your stash for graphic designers and crafters that like colorful or stylized mockups.

Packaging Mockup with Bubble Mailer

Image Credit: Charley Rae Mockups

Have you jumped on board the sticker trend? Creating stickers at home with a Cricut or Silhouette can be such an enjoyable craft for many! Plus, the costs to DIY these are fairly low. Once you've perfected your print and cut techniques, it's time to test the waters by selling your stickers or sticker designs. Don't forget to grab a few of these fantastic mockups to show off your artwork and skills with real pizazz! Did we share one of your favorite laptop sticker mockups or other styles? We'd love to hear from you! Be sure to join us in our Facebook Community group, where we're talking craft and design with thousands of creatives like you!

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