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Are you looking for graphics, icons, backgrounds, photos or templates? We have you covered. Browse our easy to use digital marketplace where crafters, hobbyists and business owners just like you can find digital design assets for ANY project just like these Anchor Vectors!

Graphics often help to convey the feel and identity of a brand, website, social media page and online store. Design Bundles is one of the largest networks of independent design stores available online today. Browse our collection of anchor vectors to find inspiration for your next project whether it is for your site, for Cricut crafting or to use on your Instagram page.

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Sail to creative shores with your Free anchor vector

Why not add your free anchor vector to a t-shirt using printable HTV? These would be great for your next family summer vacation, even more so if you’re a family who loves cruising! Printable HTV is different to image transfer paper but people often confuse the two. Printable HTV lets you print the image the right way around on to the vinyl and you then remove the backing sheet to press it on to your garment. Image transfer paper needs to have the mirror image printed on to it and then you press it face down onto your fabric.

Print your design on to the printable HTV and allow the ink to fully dry. Peel the backing sheet off of your design and place it on your fabric, put a carrier sheet over the top (baking parchment or a Teflon sheet will work) and press the image evenly for the amount of time stated on the HTV instructions. Once that’s done you just remove the carrier sheet and your project is finished!

Don’t let crafters block weigh you down, you’ll find lots of ways to use your Anchor Vector File

There’s never a bad time to expand your crafting repertoire, so add an Anchor Vector file to your digital portfolio and see what fun designs you can come up with. Take advantage of our downloads’ dual license and craft something cool for your business, as well as just your personal projects - inspire your followers to reach for new heights too!

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