Crayon SVGs

Colors!! All the pretty colors!! This was probably your first ever artistic tool, turning coloring books into Pollock-esque masterpieces, before society forced you to stay inside the lines. Now, you can get designing with a crayon SVG, to show just how far your skills have come.

Crayons have some pretty hilarious names, to go with the huge array of hues. You start off normal: black, white, blue. Then things get a little more fancy: cornflower, wisteria, hot magenta. And then we just completely take a walk off the map and descend into utter madness: Tropical Rainforest, Razzmatazz, Screamin’ Green… Purple Mountains’ Majesty. No, seriously.

So pick your favorite crayon SVG, a selection of bonkers colors and see where the wacky combination might take you...

Brighten up your life with a free crayon SVG

It’s a pretty big and emotional step when your little ones are ready to start school. But with repetition, the novelty starts to wear off and they’re not as excited as they once were. Why not recruit a free crayon SVG to help turn all that around.

You can add a bright, colorful touch to their first day back attire by transferring an SVG onto a t-shirt or their school bags. You can also make fun stickers and decals so they can adorn their notebooks, pencil cases and lunchboxes with groovy crayon graphics.

Top tip: our crayon SVGs aren’t just for kids. Our collection includes some beautiful backgrounds, fashioned after the lovely ‘impressionist’ texture of crayon pastels.

To make sure nothing gets lost, check out our crayon holder SVGs - they’re simple enough for the kids to print and fold them themselves, so it can be a fun side project, plus a good way to keep track of their colors!

Add a crayon SVG file to your digital pencil case

No parent can resist getting their kids matching stuff, clothes in particular, much to the little ones’ chagrin. Hang onto your crayon SVG file until the next one is ready for their first doodle or day of school. You can easily edit your SVG in Photoshop, Design Space or similar software, and they work perfectly with all the current crafting machines, so you can make colorful crafts as often as you like.

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