Dope Patterns

If you’re short on inspiration for some fun and awesome crafting ideas, then fear no more - our collection of dope patterns are ideal to brush off your creative block and get cracking on some great arts and designs.

The young waste no time in adding new slang to their modern lexicon, however few of these expressions manage to live on beyond their brief trending phase and actually become an iconic part of everyday speech. “Cool” has dominated this market since the early 20th Century and has certainly stood the test of time, with few competitors. Until “dope” came along. It managed to break into the inner circle of awesome sayings and stuck around to add a badass factor to our mainstream expressions. You can add that element of lasting awesomeness to your crafting and use your dope pattern to create some fun and timeless art projects.

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Keep calm and carry on crafting with some free dope patterns

Seeing as how dope refers to anything good, awesome and fun, our collection features a wide variety of options, with free dope patterns in all sort of styles and color schemes, so you’ll be able to find whatever you need to create your perfect layout, with the running theme being that any dope download you do it with - it’ll be fantastic quality!

Many of these patterns have a fun thematic design, so they would actually be ideal to print on fabric and make your own home furnishings and accessories. A dull set of drapes can become a truly dope addition to your lounge or a weather sofa can get a breath of fresh air with some colorful cushions. The best bit about using a downloadable pattern to craft these pieces yourself is that you can completely restyle your home and make it look like it’s fresh out of a catalogue, without having to break the bank! All you need are some art materials - can you can easily recycle or upcycle whatever you have lying around - and a trusty crafting machine.

Your dope patterns file can add some spice to all your designs

You can ditch doodling for Design Space! The joy of working with a dope patterns file is that they’re so quick to download and easy to use that you can play around with any number of looks and layouts to find the composition you’re most happy with. When it comes to decorating your home, you want to be sure before you go to all that printing and stitching effort, so what better way to test the possibilities than trying out your favorite patterns with photos of your rooms or a collage of the existing color wheel.

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