Flip Flop SVGs

Flip, flop, fly! I don’t care if I die! If there’s one thing flip flops never fail to say it’s that you’ve just stopped caring. The ultimate in casual attire, if you’ve reached the point where shoelaces or even slip ons have become too much to deal with, you know you’re officially off the clock and all that’s left is blissful indifference. Embrace that sweet relaxation with a flip flop SVG to give all your next designs some much deserved tranquility.

Aside from gardening or a visit to the spa (or a pool where you don’t trust the floors), flip flops get whipped out for one very important purpose - vacation! The second you step off that plane and warm, tropical air hits you in the face, you know it’s time for flip flops and day drinking. Ready the SPF and let the good times roll.

Flip Flop Monogram SVG

Ready to flip out? It’s a free flip flop SVG!

You’re not really ready for a vacation until you realise you lost your flip flops from last year and need to get a new pair. Your free flip flop SVG can help remind you of this crucial purchase, place make a theme of it with the rest of your holiday gear.

Flip flops scream warm sand, beautiful blue ocean, ice cream and fun times! It’s an image to have fun with and not to be taken seriously, so pick out a bright and colorful SVG to help get you in that summer mood. You can decal your phone, decorate your beach bag, make a fun t-shirt or just print some fun stickers. Just don’t forget to pack your actual flip flops. The only difference between a bum and a beach bum is the footwear.

Top tip: a lot of the best holidays happen during the cold seasons, except one - 4th of July. This day is all about BBQs, hot dogs and generally enjoying yourself out in the sunshine. And since it’s an informal celebration, of course most of us will be wearing flips flops. So why not jazz them up for the occasion with an American flag design, or simple red white and blue color combos and patterns. You can sublimate a 4th of July graphic onto your thongs so even your feet will be appreciating the day!

Life’s a beach with a flip flop SVG file

They’re a necessity every summer, so you’re bound to use your flip flop SVG file again and again. So why not try out different techniques to spice up your design every time. Try experimenting with different materials, or attaching some embellishments. Just stock up on materials and warm up that crafting machine!

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