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Pew pew! We all played guns when we were little, with toys, with sticks, even with just our hands. Back then it was a fun diversion - grown-up, it carries a lot of responsibility. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself, but with a gun SVG you can have all the thrills without worrying about any accidents.

The story of the gun may be said to have started in China in the 9th century, with the invention of black powder. This led to hand cannons and flame-thrower type weaponry. Among the many theories, it is suggested that gunpowder made its way to Europe via the Silk Road, with one of the earliest hand guns on record being used in 1364.

Classic Gun for T-Shirt Design

Hit the bulls-eye with a free gun SVG

The most important use of a gun is to protect your home and family, but of course the hope is that you’ll never need to. Sometimes, just the hint of additional security makes a robber or assailant think again - with a free gun SVG, you can pick the right graphic to put the fear of God into anyone with funny ideas, so your gun can chill in its case.

It’s very important to use your weapon responsibly - if you don’t learn how to use it properly, then it’s just the world’s most dangerous toy. Help your fellow gun owners to appreciate this fact and encourage them to go to the range and get an instructor, so they can practice using their gun in a safe environment. Use your SVG to make some posters, infographics, online content or even help promote the local shooting learning facilities.

If the real thing isn’t your jam, our collection includes some fun water-gun designs, which would work great for a kid’s birthday party invite. And what would an SVG collection be without a tribute to crafting - behold, the glue gun. You can use it to make some killer designs all about crafting, for your fellow creative enthusiasts.

Shoot straight with your gun SVG file

Our collection has so many options, you can use your gun SVG file to make transfers, vinyl decals, digital content, cut files, paper crafts and so much more. Edit your file in your preferred design software, such as Inkscape or Photoshop, and prep it for your crafting machine. Cricut and Silhouette are the industry favorites, but why not check out the impressive Glowforge if you want to take your designs to the next level.

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