Megaphone SVGs

Getting a megaphone means you’ve got something to say - loud! Megaphones make an appearance at pep rallies, sporting events, competitions and parties. It’s a cry of excitement, a battle cry of confidence and a cheer of support. With a megaphone SVG you can shout your enthusiasm and hopes for the world to hear!

A megaphone is not a subtle instrument, so it’s only fitting that neither is the message it’s trying to deliver. This is not a tool for the shy, to be used coyly - so use it’s symbolism to be equally brave in your work - let your next project be bold and make a statement!

What do we want?! A free megaphone SVG!

The best thing about a megaphone is that it’s a universal tool of support - doesn’t matter what event your friend or relative is taking part in - you’re just saying “I believe in you”. Get your hands on a free megaphone SVG and customize it with their name, a motto or a favorite quote.

Since they were more frequently used in the past decades, our megaphone collection includes some very cool retro style posters and illustrations, ranging in style from the roaring 20s to the popping graphics inspired by Lichtenstein. We also have some eye-catching call-to-attention banners, if you’d like to use your megaphone SVG to make an announcement or promote something important.

Sticking with the vintage theme - an oldie, but a goodie. Megaphones used to be a favorite among film directors to communicate with their cast and crew. Somewhat impractical for the sets of today, but you can embody the spirit of the old dog’s tricks with a customized t-shirt or even a director's chair.

Shout from the rooftops with a megaphone SVG file

For the most striking impression, it’s good to use bright or contrasting colors. You can play around with your SVG in your preferred digital software - each megaphone SVG file comes in several formats for ease of editing. You can adjust the colors or dimensions, depending on your chosen design and format, then let your Cricut or Silhouette machine do the rest.

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