Mustache SVGs

We mustache you an important question - can you handlebar the horseshoe? Or pull off a fu manchu? Not sure? That’s ok, we’ll shave it for later. Ha! Come up with your own corny puns with a fun mustache SVG and maybe style your own face fuzz for inspiration.

These days men take a lot of care with their facial hair, and with the advancement of shaving equipment and men’s cosmetic products, they can achieve some genuine wonders with their upper lip hair - there are even competitions, for those that have turned beard styling into an actual art form!

Fünf Sterne PapaSVG| Mustache SVG

Learn the art of grooming with a free mustache SVG

While a certain someone made a certain mustache forever unacceptable, there are still plenty of styles to choose from and you can make lots of fun designs with a free mustache SVG.

The mustache’s signature month has of course become Movember. You can use an SVG as inspiration for what kind of ‘stache to grow for the month, plus use the graphic to make some promotional materials for your chosen cause. You can grow a fancy facial feature, whilst also doing some fundraising for your favorite charity.

Trim your beard and let’s get weird! A bizarre, but rather fabulous trend in recent years has been beard bedazzling and mustache bling. Be it in the spirit of Christmas, Halloween or just peacocking, over the top styling of beards has become quite the head turner. You could make some digital mock-ups of your mane with an SVG to see what dazzling decorations will make you look your best, before committing to the glittery extravaganza.

A mustache SVG file will always make you dapper

You’ll never lose your mustache SVG file, ‘cause it’s right under your nose! Yep, we’ve still got it. We encourage you to have fun with your mustache SVG and maybe even couple it with a delightfully cringe worthy dad joke and gift it to your best mustachioed fellow. You can also make some cardboard whiskers for those gents not lucky enough to sport a beautiful lip brush.

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