Rolled Flower SVGs

You can create your own blossoming garden of faux flora with a rolled flower SVG. Quilling is a brilliant technique to create flowering bouquets without worrying about your stunning arrangements wilting.

Quilling is a particularly beautiful art form, which requires a great deal of care and dexterity to achieve. The technique dates back to the 15th century, implemented by French and Italian nuns, who needed to decorate on a budget.

While traditional quilling is all done by hand and is exceptionally intricate work, there’s no shame in getting a little digital help to get going and ensure the neatest possible finish.

Paper Flower Templates SVG

Get a free rolled flower SVG to craft a stunning arrangement

Enjoy a free rolled flower SVG on us and start working on a beautiful composition, with this time honored crafting style.

Our rolled flower bundles are compact, so as not to be wasteful of paper, and incredibly easy to use. Just print and cut the designs, roll them inward, starting from the tail end, and secure the lower edges, or glue them to your bigger design.

Top tip: you can also cut the SVGs from fabric, which could better resemble natural velvety petals. You could even cut the same rolled flower pattern from two different fabrics, with contrasting textures - such as something sheer and shimmery like gauze or organza - and layer the fabrics together to create a more interesting and full-bodied flower.

With these SVG you can make gorgeous wall hanging or table centrepieces, which would be ideal for decorating a party venue or wedding, or simply making your own unique design, which you can hang at home or give as a gift.

Add a rolled flower SVG file to your digital garden

This is a rather niche crafting technique, so you’ll have a very focused use for your rolled flower SVG file. Our files are very quick and easy to download, so you can start working with your hands right away. You can of course cut your patterns with scissors or a precision knife, but in the interest of speed, a crafting machine would definitely help in this case - plus it will deliver quality cuts, ensuring your designs are of a high, professional standard.

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