Tooth SVGs

Our teeth are among the most important tools in our arsenal. They chew our food, throw a beautiful smile, pry apart Lego bricks. Show how much you care for your irreplaceable enamel with a gleaming tooth SVG.

There’s a reason the tooth fairy risks breaking and entering to get her hands on our precious chompers. Unlike a bone, once they break, they won’t heal - so it’s super important to look after them. The tooth fairy will just have to get a day job.

Have a browse of our flossy collection, sink your teeth into some crafting ideas and brush up your portfolio!

You’ll ache for a free tooth SVG

There are lots of adorable crafts that you could make with a free tooth SVG file, so in lieu of indulging in sugar, make lots of sweet accessories instead!

There are several important milestones growing up and an impressive three of them are tooth related: your first tooth, your first MISSING tooth, and your first wisdom tooth. I guess also your first dentures, but that’s just depressing. Why not make a cute box or add an SVG to a purse that your little ones can use as a carrier.

Top tip: why not print your design on shiny paper or laminate the finished product to give it that freshly brushed minty fresh look!

Dental hygiene is super important, but it can be tricky to get little kids into it. Healthy baby teeth are the foundation for healthy adult teeth, plus it’s good to develop good brushing habits from an early age. You can encourage your children to get more interested in their oral health, and not get as scared going to the dentist, with some friendly tooth SVGs.

Brace yourself for your tooth SVG file

If you work in a dental surgery or your business features oral hygiene products, you can still make the most of your tooth SVG file, since they all come with a dual license, suitable for commercial use. You can play around with the design to update your website or jazz up your promotional content.

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