Tractor SVGs

Tractors have always been an object fascination. Unlike monster trucks, which are huge purely for entertainment’s sake, tractors have a lot of important utility. Between farming and heavy duty haulage, we really wouldn’t be anywhere without these bulky vehicles, so let’s show some love with a tractor SVG design.

Sure, they may be slow moving and hold up traffic sometimes, but there’s no denying that when a tractor crosses your path, you can’t help but stare - ‘cause they’re cool and we all know it! Kids especially love tractors, precisely for this reason, and it seems to be a staple of all early toy collections.

Check out some fun ideas below on how you can expand on the tractor’s presence in your kids’ lives.

Tractor SVG Files - Farmer Boy
Tractor SVG Files - Farmer Girl

Clear the path to creativity with a free tractor SVG

A tractor is definitely a healthier vehicle to idolize than a gaudy sports car, and certainly more practical and attainable. Never underestimate the allure of something gettable! With a free tractor SVG, your kids can dream of having a go on a tractor, until they get to do it for real.

Our collection includes lots of great illustrations that would be perfect for a t-shirt or set of pyjamas. There are individual tractors, or ones with a little wagon - some even depicted hauling pumpkins and Christmas trees, if you wanted to make it a seasonal gift.

Top tip: if you’re feeling ambitious, you could sew on a felt panel over the SVG design and place a squeaker or recorded jingle underneath, or even some LED lights that will activate when pressed.

Somewhere in your house, there’s bound to be a box or bag that’s used for toy storage. You can encourage your kids to tidy up after themselves by cutting out a tractor pattern and filling the holes with clear plastic - that way, by tidying up, the kids are “coloring in” their tractor with the colors and patterns of all their stacked toys - and can be different every time!

How can you find a tractor SVG file? You can tractor down!

If, like us, you are a pro-tractor (come on! Pure gold!), then have as much fun as possible crafting with your tractor SVG file. Since they all come in many formats, you can edit your design in a variety of software packages, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Given its blocky shape, a tractor is an ideal image to craft by hand, in case you don’t have a crafting machine!

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