Train SVGs

People all over the world, join hands and start a love train! Feel the soothing rhythmic vibrations with your very own train SVG.

The very first train journey in history took place in 1804 in Wales, UK and that little locomotive moved less than 10 mph. Today, the fastest bullet train, the HSR in China can travel up to a staggering 217 mph! Imagine how fast we’ll be going in another 200 years!

You can follow your creative train of thought to the next great idea and get a train SVG to design something really cool.

Choo choo, it’s a free train SVG

The wonderful thing about trains is that they have universal appeal. The little ones love them and the grown up dorky ones love them too. And you must admit, watching an electric model train go round and round a track you built yourself is pretty cool. With a free train SVG you can make some super steaming designs that celebrate these marvellous machines.

All aboard the SVG express! You can make some really sweet train-themed garments for your kids, which would make an awesome birthday gift. Pick your favorite SVG and transfer it onto a onesie, some pyjamas, a t-shirt or sweatshirt. You can make a cute card to match the design too. And if your little one is really into trains, you can use a train SVG as a stencil or make a poster to decorate the children’s bedroom.

Our collection also includes a variety of train track graphics, so you could craft your own felt play matt for the kids to keep busy, or make a train version of your own shoots and ladders board.

Add a train SVG file to your design freight

Don’t get derailed and stay full steam ahead of the competition with your train SVG file. You can make so many cool crafts with our train collection, just make sure you have plenty of ink in the printer! Whether you’re working with a precision knife or a crafting machine, with a well chosen SVG your designs are bound to impress.

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