Your Wings Were Ready SVGs

One of the hardest things to do is offer condolences, especially when it comes to a close friend and loved one. Everyone grieves in their own way, so you’re never really sure what to do and how to be of comfort. Sometimes a few simple words are just what’s needed, and your wings were ready SVG might be the most beautiful way to say it.

Bereavement is an exceptionally difficult thing, but something that eventually we’ll all have to go through. That gives us all a certain bond - no matter what other differences we may have, the loss of a loved one is a universal pain we can all relate to. So whichever SVG design speaks to you the most, you can be sure that however you craft with it, the recipient will understand and appreciate your gesture.

With a free “Your Wings Were Ready” SVG, you’ll find the words to say goodbye

It’s difficult to think of doing anything creative when going through a loss, but actually the mindful element of crafting may just be the comfort and distraction you’re looking for. And for the one receiving your special gift, it will be that much more special, knowing you carefully made this yourself, from the heart.

Take a look through our ‘Your wings were ready SVG’ options - these simple, heartbreaking and beautiful words perfectly express the emotions of such a loss, and can be used on whichever medium you think would be most appropriate, be it a card, a banner for the memorial or for the order of service.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, you can be sure to take comfort in knowing that the one you lost is now at peace. You will remember them, with a bittersweet pang each time, but with love and understanding. And eventually you’ll realise they’re not lost, just briefly misplaced, and in time you’ll find each other again.

”There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part, so just give me a happy middle, and a very happy start” - Shel Silverstein.

Your wings were ready SVG file will always be a comfort to you

At the very least, creating your piece will be a simple procedure. Each “Your wings were ready” SVG file is very easy to download and comes in a variety of file formats, so you can amend it in whichever graphics software you feel most comfortable using. Your printer or Cricut will take care of the hard part and you can add any final touches at the end.

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