Stock photos - used for what?

I mainly use Depositphotos, but I’ve used Shutterstock and other sites like Fotolia, Neo-stock and others before too.

They’re really handy and have a huge amount to choose from.

I’m a contributor on all the sites you mentioned, except Neo-stock. I’ve had pretty decent success with vectors. The photo market is fairly saturated, though.

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That’s interesting. I’ve thought about contributing there too, but haven’t tried selling on stock sites before. It’s something I should really check out.

You should! I find it nice to have a few things going at once. The pricing structure is quite different to DB though - the usual amount per download is about $0.25. So you have to sort of base your strategy on getting tons of downloads (to make it worthwhile).

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That could be worth it. I have a lot of things like backgrounds and I’ve considered listing them individually. I’m not sure how many downloads I’d get but they’d probably add up over time. I’m thinking of perhaps trying Depositphotos first, since I use their site fairly often anyway.

Absolutely give it a shot - it’s free to list your items on all the stock sites (as far as I know).

For me depositphotos don’t work so great, there are some that do have sales almost daily but price ia different from site to site. Creativemarket, Shutterstock, adobestock, istock, and i am trying like another 15 sites but those really dont worth uploading time for a few sales per year.

On deposit from a lot of files I sell like 2 or 3 files that repeats but is like one sell per week, compared with Shutterstock that it does sales daily, but you earn like 0.25$ per sale which is really low, so in order to have a good income you need like 10000 files or more for sale. I think when it comes to sell stock photos you need to sell as many files you can on many websites you can, that way you get a few dollars from here and a few dollars from there. Anyway from my experience i get more money by making bundles/pack of files and sale them on creativemarket and designbundles that are by far the top earners. See what is in trend, post often a few files not a lot of files at ones so that way you appear on new products list.

Anyway your experience might be different, depending of what you sale, I talked to other friends and their experience is different, a site that work for me might not work for them. Hope that helps.

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Good examples, thanks!!!

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I have used a few I got from the PLUS membership to create wallpaper calendars.