The Ultimate $1 Event: Nov 27-Dec 2

Hi Diane! Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile: Yes you absolutely can share about the event!! :heart:

Is there away to do so as an affiliate?
And thank you

Looking forward to it, my first Ultimate $1 where I will be a seller (and the second time I will be a buyer :grinning:). Any tips from sellers who have experience with this?

You can add your affiliate code to the end of the Design Bundles URL if you’d like :slight_smile:

Yay! That is so exciting!! This will be the best year yet :tada:

I would go in with no expectations. In the Facebook group you’ll see others posting about their sellouts, which can be discouraging… but remember that you are doing great for where you’re at!! I compare myself to other sellers all the time and it doesn’t get me anywhere - so this year I’m not overthinking my selections and I’m just going to make sure I’m happy with ANY results!! :slight_smile:

Also, promote promote promote!! With there being over 15,000 products it’s likely that we will all have products that get missed. Buyers will be coming back each day to look at new products, so make sure you’re telling them that you have products that aren’t sold out (or if they’re almost sold out let them know that too!)

Either way, have fun with it :slight_smile: This will be my 3rd year selling and I still remember how excited getting sales was that first year as a new seller!!

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I am not to sure how to do that or what I would add.

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Are you signed up as an Affiliate on Design Bundles? If so you have a code that gets added to the end of every url. You can copy that by going to – so your code for the Black Friday event would look something like /rel=XXXXXX

(Please note that you cannot post Affiliate links here on the Forum)

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I don’t have an affiliate on DB as yet. I have seen people say they put their shop on 50% off. Also, will we be able to search the event for our designs and use that link to promote in FB groups and our pages?

Yep, I would put your shop on sale, for sure! :slight_smile: I’m not sure what the event will look like this year in terms of what you will be able to search or not. I know it will be improved from last but that’s all I know :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info :grinning:

You’re welcome!! :heart:

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This will be my second event and it’s the ultimate event - i’m so excited - i’ve been following the posts on facebook and now found this forum to get even more information. Thanks for all the info

You’re welcome!! I’m glad you found the Forum :slight_smile:

Hi, not sure how it goes: can we all share what designs we locked for the event here?
Thank you in advance :blush:

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Hi Ira, as of right now I’m only sharing ones that have been publicly advertised already! Maybe once it gets closer I can have some designers show some exclusive sneak peeks here :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking forward to this all year! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Last year there were some absolutely insane deals…


Can’t wait! Of all the holiday sales, this one is my favorite!


@writingandstyle this is the best sale ever! I’m excited to see everything included this year! :slight_smile: What types of products do you like to score during the sales?

@Kelly_C1 I can’t wait either! This one will be really great!! :star_struck:

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