Turn pics into SVGs

Thanks for the info!

yea I use illustrator, didnt know how else to do it

I have been using an image converter. I know a couple other ways but I just think it’s so easy and fast.

Hello Dawn_Marie_W! :blush:
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when i convert my svg then try to open in studio im told that its only able to open svg v1 can anyone pllease tell me what im doing wrong?

Could you take a screenshot? Also, is your silhouette the most recent version?

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Not actually at home now but will when I’m back. Ty for the reply

Hi thanks but I have it figured now it was the image converter that I was using so changed it and now seems to be loading up ok. Takes me awhile to figure things out but if I persist I get there eventually :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much!