What is your favorite type of craft?

Tumblers are so fun! I just made my 1st one but not sure I have the patience to make more :joy:

Oh that is SO fun to wear bows at work! And they are so cute tooa

Crafting and buying craft supplies are two different hobbies I think for sure :joy:


I am getting into soap making but also love knitting and making clothes

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Hi 52eb0737d8220016cf6439b5f1e942b8. Welcome to the community! :smile:

All of them :joy:
I mostly make earrings and do sublimation

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I love creating SVGs, love weeding (as long as I’m not in a hurry), and lately, I’m really into digital painting.



And organizing the crafting supplies is yet another Hobby

I agree, and a fun one at that!! :wink:

Yaaaassssss haha!

So fun! Too much fun :wink:

I love my Cricut, but love HTV most, I think. I’ve done a little sewing and I try tons of new things. I feel at home with HTV. I bought the Cricut Joy so I could cheat and use the premade card packs because card making on my Maker was taking me so long. here are a few things I made this week.


3126ff668f3c5228474d5927621c633c those are great! Thanks for sharing

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I love the font on the Camp Life one! Love your crafts!

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I love crocheting, loom knitting, coloring, weaving on my loom and mono printing on my Gelli plates! :two_hearts:

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Hey, I hope you don’t mind me asking, what is the font on the word Camp, the letters CMP. I am loving it!

I bought the SVG from the Hungry Jpeg

I make a ton of things. I think I am a little ADD when it comes to projects. I do a ton of HTV and faux leather earrings and such. I also make a ton of signs and mugs and I recently starting making epoxy jewelry, tumblers etc…

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I can’t mention one cause I am a craftcoholic I love all of them. :heart_eyes: