What type of designs are you looking for?

How can I add my pic here?

Hi Salomie, can you see the link icon next to the heart icon? You should be able to add an attachment using the link icon

Thanx, I did compose a new message with the picture, you can delete this one.

Sorry for this

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Currently looking for Bella Canvas 3001Y Mockups…they are the youth sizes…in all colors, but specifically NOT neutral colors

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Oh that is such a good idea to have the sizes!

Great idea! Never thought of this :slight_smile:

Thanks for suggesting! Very helpful and I’m off to shop for shirts!

Yay!!! So excited for more mockups!

I’m always looking for nice flat lay images or mockups with ipads.

  • School bud driver stuff
  • EMT/Paramedic stuff, not generic EMS
  • Firefighter stuff

yes, alllll the 1st responder things!


Hi Dawn,
I am doing word art designs in shapes. I can place your names in a shape that you like. If you are interested, let me know.
Thank you,

You are appreciated in apple shape
Hi, I have this “you are appreciated” design in the shop, maybe you will like it. :slight_smile:

You are appreciated heart

I also have the “you are appreciated” design in a heart shape.

I Found A Few More Ideas To Add To The List… HaHa

Figure Who Knows Maybe We Would Have a Designer Looking To Keep Busy:

  • Tribal & Native American Designs Or Pieces
  • Sports (Teams & Less Common - Lacrosse Etc.)
  • Adult Rated Pieces (Sarcastic…Swearing…Sexual Or Inappropriate Jokes)
  • Marijauna Related
  • Pride Related (Including Different Areas Example - Bisexual)
  • Various Cultural Pieces
  • Graffiti Art

I Guess In An Overview Of The List -
Looking For More Adult Plus 19 Designs Or The More “Taboo” Subjects That Seems To Be The Most Difficult To Find (Maybe This Isn’t Even Allowed On This Site - Im Unsure)
Just Shooting Out Some More Ideas With The Possibilities Of Bringing A Wider Variety Of Designs To The World Of Crafting :slight_smile:

These topics are not consistent with Design Bundles Community Standards, since Design Bundles is a family friendly website. So you will likely not find designs with swear words, anything sexual, or drug related. I do like the rest of your list though, there are some great ideas!

You can read more about Design Bundles community standards here – https://designbundles.net/community-standards