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How to Draw a Four-Leaf Clover
  • By Christine Hattingh
  • 23 Jan 2023
  • 6 Mins
  • Beginner
  • Drawing Tutorials

How to Draw a Four Leaf Clover

Create your own lucky charm using this how to draw a four-leaf clover tutorial

Today we will show you how to easily draw a four-leaf clover. These delicate little plants are a symbol for faith, hope, love, and luck. That is why they are perfect for St Patrick’s day celebration crafts. Use your four-leaf clover illustration to make fun kids drawing activities, decorations, or sublimated mugs and tumblers for events.

Four-leaf clover drawing - end result

To get started with this easy leaf drawing exercise, get all of your supplies together. You can use any medium you have on hand, such as poster paint, markers, or digital apps like DesignScape.

For our four-leaf clover drawing, we will be using Procreate. If you are using Procreate like we are, have a look at our free Procreate brushes to add to your brush collection.

Step 1 - Roughly Sketch your Four-Leaf Clover

For the first step, we will use a sketching or light-colored medium to roughly sketch the shape of our leaves. To make each of the four heart-shaped leaves, we need to draw them with the bottom of the heart shape touching the center of our drawing area.

Create the Four Clover Leaves

Sketch your first heart-shaped clover leaf. Rotate it so that it’s angled to the top right corner of the drawing area, as we did in our sketch below.

Draw a heart for the first clover leaf

Next, draw the remaining three clover leaves going around the center of your drawing area. The quadrant symmetry drawing guide in Procreate is a quick way to make all four of your clover leaves.

Draw a four-leaf clover - sketch all four leaves

Add the Stem and Details

Once you have sketched your clover leaves, add a rectangular shape at the bottom to make the stem, and draw a short line through each leaf sketch to add detail. Feel free to add extra vein details to your leaves as we did in our shamrock drawing guide.

Draw the four-leaf clover stem and details

Step 2 - Line your Four-leaf Clover Sketch

With our four-leaf clover sketch complete, change over to a permanent medium to make your outlines. Use a darker shade of your medium, markers, or use a green-colored inking brush as we did in Procreate.

If you have overlapping sketch lines, or just want to neaten up your lines, begin tracing one cloverleaf at a time.

Outline one cloverleaf at a time

Once you have traced your leaves, and stem sketch lines, you can go ahead and remove your rough sketches.

Trace all leaves and stems on your four-leaf clover

Step 3 - Add Color to your Four-leaf Clover

For this final step, use one or multiple shades of green to add color to your four-leaf clover clipart. We added one color to our plant illustration, but you could easily add more to create a shading effect.

Add color to your four-leaf clover

Well done, you have reached the end of our drawing guide. We know your lucky four-leaf clover will look amazing as part of your St Patrick's day clipart. Create a digital pattern or use your drawing with other elements for a touch of the luck of the Irish. We hope you had fun following this easy beginner drawing tutorial.

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st patricks day clipart drawing guide how to draw a four leaf clover

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