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Handmade fonts and other artsy-craftsy things. Follow my blathering on Facebook: | Contact at

Products by Missy Meyer Fonts

Nine Procreate Brushes for Lettering
50+ Seamless Alcohol Ink Patterns
Reindeer Games: 8 cartoon set
Cactus Family Cartoon Set!
Party Animals cartoons
Party Snacks cartoons
Puckery Tart: a tasty lettering font!
Allegory: a fun and curly script
BLORP! A fun, weird little font!
Mystical Woods: a script and caps duo!
Breaking Bread: a chunky script font!
Boisterous! A casual handwriting font
Succulent: a hand-lettered font
Chaotic Neutral: a rough & ready font!
Pinsetter three fun fonts!
Barn Dance - a homey little font!
Garlic Butter: a tasty fun font!
Garrulous: A tall, fun serif font!
Benji: a bold, fun monospace font!
Cheesy Grits: a tangy font in 2 weights!
Uncle Grump: a rounded all-caps font!
Velvet Pants: a tall, narrow caps font!
Terrapin: a scrappy handwriting font!
Trillian: 1 fun font, 3 heights!
Sportsball: fun font with alternates!
Candlepin: make fun monograms!
Allspice: a fun mixed-case font!
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