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100 Percent Hand Drawing Vector SVG EPS JPG PNG from the artist. No mouse use, hand drawing only. My works are a bit different they do have life and shake in curves because of actual hand drawing. For some works, I made pure vectors that can be edited I have added a notice in the thumbnails which you can find out. Thanks for purchasing and following my store. Have a good day! Contact me for any request [email protected]

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Skull Set 2 - SVG-EPS-JPG-PNG
Skull Set 1 - SVG-EPS-JPG-PNG
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UFO Abduction Bear Dinosaur T-Rex
Sloth in Love
$10.00 USD
A Rose on a plane, in the bottle
A rose in a cats tiny paw
Bears Couple with a rose
Reading Book Sloth
A Bear and A Sloth with a bonfire
Relaxing Sloth on a sofa
Sleeping Sloth - 2 designs
Peaceful Sloth - 2 Designs
A Piece of Pizza
Bear Sitting
$10.00 USD
Bear Reading Book
Whale Mandala - Zentangle
Shark Mandala - Shark Zentagle
Seahorse Mandala - Zentagle
Flamingo Mandala - Zentagle
Dragonfly Mandala - Zentagle
Deer - Mandala Deer
Skull Vegan - SVG-EPS-JPG-PNG
Skull Party - SVG-EPS-JPG-PNG
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