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a farmers gloved hand shows a grown rose.
blooming apple tree in the sun on a blue background.
empty beach with palm tree and lantern.
Wonderful sunset
Wooden hand made stand for the phone.
Handmade mohair stuffed toy. felt rat
wooden wheels from a toy car close-up.
hot tea with jam on a dark table. Seasonings cinnamon
window sill with flower and view from the window
Romantic decor metal bird cages and lanterns.
Blooming outdoor potted flowers at sunset
walker legs for adults. Close-up. Red road tile.
Wheel walker for adults. Close-up
The purpul african saintpaulia on the window.
The red african saintpaulia on the window.
White potted flower on the window
A lot of violets on the windowsill
legs of a man and a woman standing close by.
Candy bar to decorate the celebration of sixteen.
crowd of people watching fireworks in the evening sky
wedding festive table with flowers and champagne.
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