10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day

Who doesn’t love a sticker?! It’s *almost* safe to say that everyone could benefit from some cute sticker ideas to get those creative juices flowing! Whether for a kid's reward chart, a funny bumper sticker for your motor, or one of those teeny tiny stickers you add to your reward card every time you grab a morning coffee, there's a practical (or fun!) application for all of them. If you’re looking for practical pizazz to adhere to pretty much anything, stickers should be first on your creative to-do list.

So let’s take a look at some of the fun sticker project ideas we have available on Design Bundles that you can print and cut (either by hand or with your cutting machine) for yourself at home. Stay tuned to discover sticker-related ideas to plan your wedding, grow your small business, reward your pupils, sensational seasonal stickers, and so much more.

Printable School Label Sticker PNG, Back to School Sticker

Getting ready for the kids going back to school is always a busy time, and what’s the one thing we can guarantee we always forget to do until the last minute? Adding name labels to everything! Luckily Wild Pilot LLC has created these fun school label stickers to help take away some of that stress. This file is really simple to use in a range of different ways.

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 1

Image credit: Wild Pilot LLC

Upload the entire sheet PNG file into a program such as Canva and use text boxes to add your child’s name to the image. You can then simply download the file as a PDF and print it straight onto sticker paper; the outlines of the design are chunky enough to let the kids have a go at cutting them out too!

If you’ve got a Cricut or other cutting machine, you can save the Canva image with the names added as a PNG file and then upload it to design space as a print, then cut file, and have the machine do the cutting for you.

What about adding them to clothes? You’d probably want to reduce the size down for that, but the file comes with individual PNG’s of all the images, so that’s not an issue. Follow the same steps as we said before but this time print it onto Printable HTV. We have a mini-tutorial on how to use Printable HTV over on our Fun Halloween Crafts To Make post.

Wedding Planning Planner Stickers

‘Ahh, congratulations, you’re engaged, how wonderful! Have you picked a date? A venue? What about a dress? How many bridesmaids will you be having?’

Annnnd that’s how we get overwhelmed with wedding planning. Well-meaning questions from friends and family can sometimes cause undue panic when it comes to planning your big day, and if you don’t stay organized, it can get stressful very quickly. What’s the solution we hear you cry? Why it’s Wedding Planning Planner Stickers, of course!

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 3

Image credit: Plus Membership

This lovely set of stickers created by the Plus Team are perfect for detailing and tracking your wedding planning in a diary, planner, or on a calendar. If you’re buying a wedding planner as a gift for a newly engaged couple, why not print off a copy for them on sticker paper and add it to the package. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even make them a wedding planner yourself - we have lots of printable wedding planners on Design Bundles that can easily be turned into an extraordinary gift for the happy couple.

School Teacher Stickers / Print and Cut Sticker Bundle

Being a teacher can be such a rewarding job; knowing that you’re helping your students to grow into clever and caring individuals is wonderful. Something most of us will remember from our childhood is that one extra special teacher - maybe they had a unique way of teaching that meant their lessons just stuck in our heads, perhaps they took the time to teach us a different way to do something, or maybe they gave us praise for something that really helped to boost our self-esteem.

Being commended on a job well done is a great way to boost children's self-esteem, and a great way to do that as a teacher is with stickers. Kids love a sticker (who are we kidding, we all love stickers!), and if they get one on their work saying ‘great job’ ‘well done’ or ‘be proud,’ it’s sure to keep a smile on their face the whole day.

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 4

Image credit: Treetop Digital

These stickers would look great printed off onto holographic sticker paper - it’s readily available from Amazon, although it does ideally need to be used with a laser printer; otherwise, the ink could run.

Top tip: If you are making these stickers on a cutting machine, set the cut depth to go all the way through the sticker paper (rather than just doing a ‘kiss cut’); that way, you can attach the sticker with its backing paper to your students work, with a paper clip or slotted in the pages of their book, so instead of the sticker going directly on to the page they can wear it with pride on their uniform or take it home to show their parents.

Small Business and Packaging Sticker Bundle - Rose Gold

As a small business owner, you want to make sure that your branding and packaging are on point, as that's one of the easiest and quickest ways to stand out from the crowd.

There's a reason why high-end stores wrap items in tissue paper and seal them with a sticker before placing them into a nice bag; it creates an ‘experience’ for you when you unpack the item at home. It may seem like a straightforward step, but it really helps to promote that luxury vibe.

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 5

Image credit: Sanqunetti Design

You’ve probably seen how popular unboxing and unpackaging videos are on social media but have you noticed what they all have in common? They all have beautiful packaging and presentation! These small business packaging stickers are an easy way to level up your packaging and presentation; the stickers come as individual PNGs, so you can size them to fit whatever you want.

For example, they would be ideal as labels for boxes or bubble mailers, as sealers on envelopes (putting a customer's receipt and paperwork in an envelope tucked inside their package is a super simple way to make you look more professional!), or for holding tissue paper in place.

Big Set of Cute Planner Stickers

Have you heard of bullet journaling? It's like having a planner, journal, calendar hybrid - you can jot down anything and everything that's in your head, and it helps to turn that chaos into a streamlined system without feeling suffocatingly rigid or structured.

The added beauty of bullet journaling is that you can release your creativity and make amazing pages decorated with doodles, calligraphy, and stickers. This set of cute planner stickers would be ideal for adding to a bullet journal.

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 10

Image credit: Sentimental Postman

This file comes with over 50 black and white line doodle icons and phrases in a selection of formats so that you can easily print them out at home. We’d suggest printing them out in a range of sizes and then having a coloring session (do you know how beneficial coloring can be as a relaxation and stress relief tool?) to mix and match them to the color palette of your bullet journal before cutting them out by hand or with a cutting machine, such as the Cricut Maker, to use later.

Halloween Sticker Pack Cute Ghost Printable Stickers for Kids

The happy little haunts are great for crafting and decorating in the run-up to the spooky season. You can use them to decorate Halloween party invites or even a quick makeshift Trick or Treat bag (we can’t be the only ones who've forgotten to buy trick or treat buckets before, right?) Grab a paper shopping bag from the cupboard or quickly make a paper bag out of gift wrap and then adorn it with these cute little ghost stickers!

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 8

Image credit: Shuneika

Why not make these ghoulish cuties into glow-in-the-dark domed stickers - all you need is some glow-in-the-dark paint and Dimensional Magic Mod Podge. Print and cut your stickers as usual and then give them a light coat of glow-in-the-dark paint; once that is fully dry, you can go in with the Dimensional Magic Mod Podge. Carefully add it to the outside of your sticker first and then ‘flood’ the middle - just like if you were icing a cookie!

Coloring Book Planner Stickers

Are you bored of looking at walls of text and overwhelming lists when you open your diary or planner? If so, you need some coloring book planner stickers to help brighten it up and inject some fun!

These would be ideal for placing on days when you know you already have a lot planned, and you could do with a bit of downtime to zone out for a bit. Find a 15minute gap in that busy day and schedule in a break to just color.

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 9

Image credit: Plus Membership

These color in planner stickers could even be used as habit trackers! For example, are you trying to make sure you drink at least five glasses of water each day - pick a color for the day and color in a section each time you finish a glass. On the other hand, maybe you’re trying to stop biting your nails; every time you think about doing it, distract yourself by coloring in another section of the sticker.

Sometimes a simple distraction can help to break a bad habit. The print file for this product is sized at 6.75" x 9.25"(to fit the Cricut Print Then Cut space setting) but can easily be resized to fit an A4 piece of sticker paper.

144! Teacher Stars Stickers - A Sticker Bundle

You know who can never have enough stickers - Teachers!These brightly colored glitter animal print stickers were created in a way that means you can make them smaller without compromising the resolution or print quality.

You get a range of 16 different colors in a sticker set, so it’s nice and easy to duplicate them to fill a whole A4 sheet of sticker paper of one animal print design. They could be used for marking work, on reward charts, or giving out as prizes in a pop quiz.

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 10

Image credit: Happy Vinyls

These stickers will print perfectly on a regular inkjet printer with printable sticker paper. Still, suppose you have access to a color laser printer. In that case, you could print them onto glossy holographic sticker paper (you can’t use holographic sticker paper with an inkjet printer as the ink won’t dry, whereas a Laser printer uses a heat-activated toner to make and set the designs).

Adulting Reward Stickers Printable

I think we can all agree that ‘adulting’ can be hard some days. Kids have got it pretty easy compared to those of us who’ve got busy work lives, a household to maintain, bills to pay, and laundry to do. Yet, they get to have a sticker for their reward chart when they do a chore or complete a task, and we get, well... the satisfaction of a job well done. Sigh, sometimes that’s not enough!

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 2

Image credit: Veronika M

The straightforward remedy to this problem is adulting reward stickers - this download file comes with a

slew of fun designs and quips such as ‘put my pants on,' ‘I survived,’ and ‘made a plan.’ Don’t just print them out for yourself, make a few sheets, and take them to work to help keep your work colleagues motivated, too - how much better would a work meeting be if you all got well done and great job stickers after?

Christmas Small Business and Gift Packaging Sticker Bundle

Do your little ones still believe in Santa Claus? These stickers are perfect for adding to their stocking presents! You can make the magic go even further by having it seem like the elves really packaged their gifts for them - wrap them in brown paper secured with fun colored washi tape or bakers twine and stick a ‘Handmade by Elves,’ ‘Packaged by Santa Claus’ or ‘Inspected by Elf #25’ on some of them.

10 Cute Sticker Ideas To Brighten Your Day 10

Image credit: Sanqunetti Design

Want an extra finishing touch? How about downloading a Santa boot stencil and sprinkling some flour over it leading up to where their stockings are hung.

They are also a great way to switch up your festive packaging for your small business or even to use as die-cut stickers in orders as a little bonus gift for customers. If you’re feeling extra fancy, why not print some of them out larger and decorate them with glitter to add even more festive fun!

Happy Sticking!

Have you found a design you want to use on your small business packaging, or are you going to dress up your bullet journal with some fun stickers? Be sure to share some images of what you get up to in our Facebook Group, The Design Bundles Customer Community.

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