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Make a cute Winter Snowman Pillowcase

Make A Cute Winter Snowman Pillowcase

Brr, can you feel the cold? If it’s Winter on your side of the world, then today I have the cutest Christmas SVG gift idea for you. I am going to show you how to make a snuggle worthy Winter snowman pillowcase. This craft will add joy and cheer to any holiday gift or home décor project.

Make A Cute Winter Snowman Pillowcase - mockup

Materials And Tools Needed to Make the Pillowcase

Design - Winter SVG Bundle with 10 snow-cute designs!

Cutting machine - This can be your Cricut, Silhouette, Brother Scan-n-Cut or any cutting machine that you have

Heat Transfer Vinyl - You can use any brand you are comfortable with, including Cricut. I am using a local brand in colors blue, dark blue, orange and glitter silver

Heat transfer tape

Pillowcase - I am using a white double twill, handmade pillowcase 45cm x 45cm but you can choose any size you want

Weeding tools

Parchment paper - To protect your vinyl and heat press between each layer when pressing

Heat press - Or use your Cricut EasyPress

Snowman pillowcase - tools and materials needed

We have tons of cute Snowman SVG ideas for your handmade gifts. So, grab some hot cocoa, sit back, relax and browse the amazing deals and designs on offer.

I use both a Cricut Joy and Cricut Maker cutting machine. So I first need to make sure that the correct machine for the project is selected. Go to the top right of the screen and click on the machine drop-down menu. Choose your machine from there.Select Cricut Machine in Design Space

Step 1 - Attach The Snowman SVG By Color

Once you have opened Cricut Design Space, upload your SVG design. Before beginning this project, there are a few simple tweaks I need to make.

When cutting a multi-layer design, you normally attach each part so that the design cuts as you see it on your screen. If you don’t do this, Cricut re-arranges the design to save material.

The problem is, if you attach everything in a multi-color design, it will change to one single color. To prevent this, I need to attach parts of the design that are the same color.

To prevent this, I need to attach parts of the design that are the same color.

Adjust The SVG Size Then Ungroup

Measure the area on the pillow where you will place your snowman HTV. Then, in Cricut Design Space, adjust the design to fit your pillow size. At the top of the screen, make sure that the lock icon is closed. This will keep the sizing ratio consistent.

By default, the lock icon will always be open when you start a new project. Adjust your design to the size as needed. You can click and drag one of the corner sizing handles. Or, manually enter the number in the sizing box at the top of the screen.

I prefer to adjust on the longest side. Next, right-click the design and select Ungroup.

Adjust size of Winter Snowman SVG - Cricut Design Space

Attach The Color Layers

Take a look under the Layers panel on the right-hand side. You will notice that there are black and blue mitten layers. You can choose either one but will need to hide the other layer.

I chose to keep the blue mittens, then clicked on the eye icon (to the right of the layer name), to hide the black mitten layers.

Hide SVG layer in Cricut Design Space - Winter Snowman

Next, hold Shift + click to select the same color layers, in this case, dark blue. Then, click on Attach at the bottom right of the screen.

Select same color layers and attach - Cricut Design Space

Do this for the remaining layers except for the orange nose. This is a single layer that doesn’t need to be attached.

Attach layers by color - Winter Snowman SVG Pillowcase

Step 2 - Cut Your Winter Snowman SVG

When you are ready, click the Make It button top right of the screen. In the next window you will be asked to choose a mat size. My design size is bigger than the standard sized mat, so I selected 30.5cm x 61cm. Click Confirm bottom right to move onto the mat layout page.

Choose your Cricut Mat and Size

Mirror Your Design

Now, it’s very important that you don’t miss this step.

With Heat Transfer Vinyl, your design needs to be mirrored when cut. On the left side panel, click on the mat to select, then click the slider to turn on the Mirror option. Do this for each mat. Next, click on the Continue button bottom right of the screen.

Turn on Mirror option - very important

Select your material from the Browse Materials section. You can also create custom material settings. We have a very helpful tutorial on how to edit default material settings in Cricut Design Space.

Winter Snowman SVG - follow instructions to cut

Weed out the excess vinyl from the design.

Weed excess viny from Winter Snowman SVG

Step 3 - Heat Press The Snowman SVG To Your Pillowcase

Set your heat press or Cricut EasyPress to the recommended heat and time settings as specified by the manufacturer. While waiting for my heat press to heat up, I tested out the placement of the design on the pillowcase. Do note that each layer will be pressed separately.

Check placement of SVG design before heat pressing

Once the heat press is ready, quickly press the pillowcase without the design to remove excess moisture and wrinkles. You can then place the first layer of the design. I started with the blue wording, scarf and mittens.

If you want to, you can place a piece of parchment paper over the design. But for the first layer, this is not necessary. Close your heat press and let the timer run. Be careful as the press is very HOT!

Heat press first layer for Winter Snowman vinyl SVG

With the next layer, I applied the silver before the dark blue. You will need to place parchment paper over your design to protect the vinyl and your press. Press the design and then move on to the dark blue vinyl. You need to use the parchment paper between each HTV layer.

Use parchment paper between heat pressing layers of HTV

Finally, add the snowman’s orange nose to complete the design. Complete your project by adding a pillow inner and you're done!

Completed Winter Snowman pillowcase project

I can just imagine sitting on the couch, watching a movie marathon with warm cocoa and my snuggly Winter snowman pillowcase. This cute character would also make a great family Christmas gift.

I would love to see how you use this design in your crafts. Why not share your creations in the Facebook Community Group and inspire other members? You can also learn about discounts, trending products and much more.

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