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Whether you’re a first time crafter or seasoned pro, enjoy crafting as a hobby or it’s an integral part of promoting your business, you’re going to find the perfect Abstract Vector graphics to help you with your next design right here.

You don’t have to be Jackson Pollock to be able to add a little touch of abstract art to your designs. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant graphic to add to a personal project or something for your business we have you covered. Our collection includes vintage colorful line art bundles, trendy vivid color vectors, 70s abstract graphics, retro backgrounds and patterns, a range of abstract logo options and geometric shape illustrations.

Be Bold with a vibrant Free Abstract Vector

Why not try adding a free Abstract Vector on to a coaster using sublimation? You can use whatever software you like to create your sublimation design as long as it gives you the option to 'mirror' the image when you go to print. Scale your design to fit on your coaster and turn your heat press on whilst it's printing out so that it can warm up.

Slightly warm your coaster before applying the sublimation paper (one the ink has dried). Position the paper where you want to transfer the graphic and hold it in place with heat resistant tape. Press as per the sublimation paper instructions. Carefully remove the paper from the coaster, be careful it’ll be hot! You can use a set of tongs or tweezers to protect your fingers. Wait for it to cool down and then you’re ready to show off your new personalized home decor!

Squares? Lines? Splatters? An Abstract Vector File Bundle has it all

Our high quality images guarantee amazing results, help you save time and maximize output, so you can up your volumes, spend more time on other elements of your idea or simply try out lots of different looks and styles. Design Bundles has a huge selection of quality products at affordable prices, like these Abstract Vector file options! Create your designs on the go or at home. Our licenses are per user, not per device, so get browsing!

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