Alien Clipart

No need to phone home, the best alien clipart in the solar system is right here.

If you consider the immense size of the universe, the notion that there is no other intelligent life out there is really rather ridiculous. Having said that, if there is, are they likely to pay us a visit? Doubtful. But still… what DID happen in New Mexico…?

Be you a blogger, reviewer, influencer, crafter or ...visitor (welcome!), there are so many fun crafts that you can make with the little green men as the centrepiece. You just need to look up to the stars, let your imagination jump to hyperspace and take us out.

We come in peace with an offering of free alien clipart

Don your sharpest black suit, a pair of shades, grab the noisy cricket and catch yourself some free alien clipart.

Courtesy of popular movies, aliens have a bit of a bad reputation. But let’s think about this logically - a race would have to be incredibly advanced to travel the vastness of space, and even if they had a passing interest in mankind, why on Earth (pun intended) would they travel millions of lightyears, just to abduct randos on camping trips and give them an enema? Bit silly, no? Let the more enlightened theories - like they came here for cheese, chocolate and wine - inspire your extra terrestrial creations.

An alien clipart is an ideal decoration if you’re hosting a sci-fi movie night. Kids are also obsessed with the idea of becoming astronauts so you can make some cute alien images to go with the space walking theme, like posters and stickers they could take to decorate their classrooms. And for those sci-fi film geeks out there, you could make a super cool and original t-shirt and add a little alien clipart to your favorite alien movie quote and transfer the lot to a shirt for your next convention!

Your alien clipart file will have you believing...

Until you get beamed up, you should keep yourself busy here on Earth. So ready your favorite alien clipart file, art materials, printing and cutting machines and start churning out some out of this world crafts. If ever there was a theme to have some fun with, it’s this one. The benefit of crafting fictional characters (maybe?) is that you have total artistic licence to make the designs all your own!

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