Animal Clipart

The whole jungle, desert and forest is at your disposal with our amazing collection of animal clipart!

We can say with a fair amount of certainty that no artist or creative person has ever honed their skills without the aid of the animal kingdom. From the first moment we pick up a pencil and produce a refrigerator masterpiece, odds are, you were drawing a family pet or unicorn. Whether it’s to study anatomy, movement or texture, animals have ever been a fascination and stunning addition to the art world. So be sure to incorporate a lordly lion, laid-back llama or tenacious trash panda into your next wild idea.

Cute Round Animal Clipart
Cute Round Animal Clipart

Optimize your primal instincts with free animal clipart

Roar. Ribbit. Coo. Whatever animal you identify with, you’re bound to find your spirit guide in our digital jungle, so why not treat yourself to some free animal clipart and connect with your wild inner senses.

We have lots of beautiful, traditional illustrations, as well as cute child-friendly cartoons, so you could make anything from bedroom accessories to back-to-school supplies.

You don’t have to use the whole animal image either - as the mighty leopard taught us, you can take a striking element and use that to spice up your designs. You can select some clipart to use as a complimenting element or just focus on the silhouettes or color schemes. You can make crafts in some awesome animal inspired styles, like loud print, boho or country chic accessories.

And remember, let’s try to be a friend to the animals and be environmentally conscious when we craft. Try to use recyclable materials whenever possible or use your animal clipart to craft things from stuff around the house - like old cardboard and clothes!

Unleash the beast within with your own animal clipart file

The animal kingdom is full of images that translate beautifully to art, so pick out an animal clipart file that speaks to you and works with your idea. You can make something special for your home, a unique gift or incorporate one of our noble beasts into your product range or online content. Just prep the necessary materials and warm up your printers and cutting machines!

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