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Admit it, there’s a box or drawer somewhere which is stuffed with pencils, pens, inks, paint, paint brushes, crayons, pastels and all manner of paper… every creative type has a stash of art supplies somewhere and we all agree that buying supplies is a separate hobby to using them!

Whether you are an active artist, a dabbler, crafter or keen journaller we know you just can’t resist stocking up on delightful tools of the trade. Luckily our art supplies clipart comes in digital format so you won’t need to make room for them in your studio.

School clip art, monograms

No need to clean up the mess with free art supplies clipart

From beautiful watercolor illustrations, to cute cartoons, to professional monograms and logos for your creative business, our free art supplies clipart collection is for you. Browse our many individual clipart files or our comprehensive supplies bundles to find exactly what you need at an affordable price point. Refresh your website or jazz up your social media posts by adding some pencil motifs, paint brush icons or cute ink pots to encourage engagement and shares.You’re bound to find some images that suit your needs and can bring your artistic vision to life.

Nothing is more satisfying than flicking through your planner or journal and spotting your handmade stickers, it feels very different to make your own adornments than to simply buy someone else's. Our free art supplies collection includes beautiful digital planner supply graphics in a rainbow of colors which you can print onto sticker sheets and use your die cutting machine to cut out your chosen shapes, or if you prefer, get out the scissors for a real handcrafted project.

Express yourself with our art supplies clipart file collection

All of mankind’s greatest ideas and creations started by putting paint to cave walls, chisel to stone, and then pencil to paper. Now, it’s the click of a mouse on a computer screen. Whatever the tool, the process is the same - come up with something, take the time and effort, and bring them to light. Use your art supplies clipart file to realise big ideas with many different crafting techniques and machines.

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