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From turkey t-shirts to pumpkin posters, cut files and decals for sunflowers and gourds, typography and mandalas Fall really offers a vast array of inspiration for a crafter. Along with all the many things we have to be thankful for, we’re adding to this list with an amazing range of Autumn leaves clipart bundles which boost our creativity even further this season.

You can edit your design to be whatever color you like in your design software, but Autumn images really go best with the classic color scheme of yellow, orange and red. Pair your chosen clipart file with materials of different textures to really add a natural feel to your homemade project.

Leaf your troubles behind with free Autumn Leaves clipart

There is an abundance of creative and easy Fall craft ideas out there that celebrate all that Autumn has to offer. Have you ever preserved leaves to add to a project? It’s an easy process and doesn’t need any fancy equipment, just something flat and heavy to press down on the leaves like a book (a phone book works great!). Use your dry leaves to decorate your house by stringing them up and creating your own bunting or arrange them to form a wreath or garland celebrating the season.

Leaves are very versatile as a design element; try sublimating a free Autumn leaves clipart design onto an apron for a gift for the Thanksgiving day chef, using htv to transfer leaf shapes onto napkins, add some seasonal je ne sais quoi to a room with some leaf shapes adorning the walls or windows. This would also be the perfect time to do some recycling by repurposing any old card or fabric you have lying around. Make sure nothing goes to waste!

Pick a multi-season bundle or a few different clipart options, so you can update your online content or product range to reflect the time of year. Compliment a free Autumn leaves clipart with a range of botanical designs in includes which would work well for Spring, Summer or Fall.

Check out our versatile Autumn Leaves clipart file collection

Leaves lend themselves beautifully to various textures and colors, and our Autumn leaves clipart file range is compatible with most design editing software and crafting machines. A laser cutter is ideal for making sturdier decorative items, out of wood or perspex. Meanwhile, the Cricut and Silhouette are great for crafting on fabric and paper, so it just depends how you’d like to grow your idea-tree.

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