Baby Elephant SVGs

No doubt one of the cutest baby versions of anything, a baby elephant SVG could make even the most cynical grouch awwww with adoration.

Between their endearing clumsiness, big bright eyes and the stark contrast of just how little they are compared to their parents, elephant calves are particularly loveable. Baby elephants actually have a lot in common with human babies, because when they are born, unlike many other wild animals, they have very few survival instincts and rely completely on their mothers. And if you consider that an elephant’s gestation period is an immense 22 months - baby elephants are exceptionally special.

Overload on cuteness with a free baby elephant SVG

If you want a complete digital portfolio, be sure to pack a free baby elephant SVG in your trunk. It’ll be your magic feather that’ll help your ideas soar to new heights!

With so many adorable graphics, you can make some really sweet footie pyjamas or baby t-shirts, as well as heartfelt greeting cards or photo frames. You can even make some great digital backgrounds or even your own elephant-patterned gift wrapping.

Top tip: don’t forget the differences between the African and Asian elephants. African elephants are much larger, with single domed heads and the signature big ears. Asian elephants are more petite, with twin-domed heads and relatively little ears. Both species are endangered, with the African elephant suffering from poaching, while the Asian elephant numbers are rapidly falling due to loss of habitat from human development.

If you have a laser cutter or are feeling particularly ambitious, check out some of our stunning 3D layered cut files and intricate elephant mandalas. Whatever you choose to craft, and be it by hand or with the help of a machine, it’s bound to be elephant-astic!

Your baby elephant SVG file is ear for you

Once you adopt your own baby elephant SVG file, you won’t be able to resist making more and more crafts with your big-eared little buddy. Between all the inevitable baby showers, birthdays and baptisms, your crafting machines will be kept plenty busy. Just download your favorite SVG, tweak it in your design software and prep your materials for whatever craft comes to mind.

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