Balloon SVGs

Balloons will never cease to amaze - they float, for gosh sakes! Even if you can’t afford pretty decorations, flowers or gift bags, hang up some balloons and you instantly have yourself a party. So start celebrating with a fun balloon SVG from our festive collection.

Admit it, you’ve inhaled the helium to make your voice go all squeaky before. But luckily, you don’t need fancy helium tanks for balloons to still be cool and with an SVG, you don’t even have to huff and puff ‘til you go dizzy!

Take a gander through our collection and check out some fun ideas for how to use your SVG for your next celebration.

Little Bunny and Balloon SVG
Cat on Fish Hot Air Balloon SVG

Let your ideas levitate with a free balloon SVG

Our balloons come in a variety of styles, so you can find the perfect design, whether you’re decorating a children’s birthday or a grown-up soirée. We have some really cute illustrations for a more kiddy feel and some lovely embellishments for the adult decor. Get yourself a free balloon SVG and make decorating your next event a piece of cake.

You can use recyclable materials, or even bits you have lying around the house, to use your SVG to make fun cocktails sticks and drinking straws, or make a bunch of festive snack and cupcake toppers, to give the refreshments that extra bit of pizazz for the occasion. Just print out your favorite design on card or shiny paper and affix to cocktail sticks, straws or even kebab skewers left over from your last barbeque.

Top tip: if you’d like your SVG balloons to actually look like they’re floating, why not use your crafting machine to cut them out of thin perspex or sheets of acrylic, so they stay turgid, and affix them to wire “strings”, thin sticks or even your furniture.

You won’t pop your balloon SVG file!

You can use a balloon SVG file to make a rather special gift too. Our collection includes some beautiful hot air balloon designs as well. If your kid is going travelling or a couple are off on their honeymoon, or just a friend going off on an adventure or moving to another country, you can make a stunning papercraft you can frame or just a one-of-kind card to bid them farewell and bon voyage!

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