Hot Air Balloon Clipart

Nothing says adventure like a novelty way to travel. These days it might be a gimmick or a fun way to do some aerial sight-seeing, but back in their heyday, a hot air balloon opened up a whole world of possibilities. So awaken your inner explorer and download some inspirational hot air balloon clipart.

You can become a digital aeronaut with the help of one of our graphics - why not overlay your chosen clipart with backgrounds of far off lands and exotic locations, or you could even decorate your photos from previous trips. And if you haven’t travelled anywhere for a while, as soon as you’ve made yourself some fun hot air balloon crafts, grab your passport and set off on a new journey...

Air balloons silhouettes

Around the world in a free hot air balloon clipart!

Ready the bags, Passepartout, we’re off on an adventure! With our free hot air balloon clipart, you’ll be itching to dust off that suitcase and set off into the unknown.

Our collection features hot air balloons that come in all shapes, sizes and styles so you can pick a graphic for pretty much any occasion. You can make a housewarming or birthday card, a farewell card if someone is moving away or, in our range of lovely pastels, you could even make a sweet “welcome to the world” card for the new addition to the family!

You can add a little sprinkle of the travel bug to all your personal items and accessories. Use your clipart to decorate your coffee cup, office supplies or tote bag. You could even make a badge or patch to affix to a jacket, hoodie or duffle bag - maybe a new balloon for every new destination travelled? We also have really pretty hot air balloons with mandala patterns and floral decorations, so you could use your graphic to add an eye-catching embellishment to your website, social media or even print and frame it for your home.

Gain some altitude with a hot air balloon clipart file

There’s ever a bad time to expand your crafting repertoire, so add a hot air balloon clipart file to your digital portfolio and see what fun designs you can come up with. Take advantage of our downloads’ dual licence and craft something cool for your business, as well as just your personal projects - inspire your followers to reach for new heights too!

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