Bat SVGs

Na-Na-nuh-nuh-Na-Nah-nuh-nuh, bat SVG! Bat SVG! Come on - whether you associate it with a superhero, liquor, Halloween or David Attenborough - bats are awesome, and that’s a fact. One such reason is that they eat mosquitoes by the thousands, and we all know mosquitoes are the literal worst.

Bats used to have a bad rep because of their associations with the macabre, and many species being… not the pretties to look at. Seriously, search for the hammerhead bat, at your own risk. But the truth is these shy creatures are quite harmless and just prefer to be left alone, and a great many of them are irresistibly adorable. The vampire bat is super floofy, the dwarf fruit bat is basically a squirrel with a cape, and the flying fox may just be the cutest flying animal in the world!

Embrace the bat’s cuddly side and hang up a bat SVG in your collection.

Go on, invite the free bat SVG inside...

It won’t byte. Oh, WHAT! We’re very cool here, obviously. With a free bat SVG you can brandish your own brand of snappy humor, complete with decorative graphics and no sense of shame.

Top tip: ever noticed how a bat with its wings spread kind of looks like a pair of undies? So if sublimating t-shirts has got a little stale, you know… craft outside the box!

Our little night-demons can adorn just about anything that comes to mind. You could even use an SVG to make a temporary tattoo for a party, or see if you’re ready for the real thing. For a more unusual and fun idea, our collection features templates to craft your own paper bat-bow ties. You can print and cut sparkly paper, or even fabric, overlay different colors and complete your party costume. Or you know, a “Sunday night in” look, if that’s what tickles your fancy.

Light up the sky with your bat SVG file signal

Your portfolio could use a little battitude. Real bats like to hibernate, but your bat SVG file doesn’t - it wants to fly around, creep people out and make your next project look cool! All our downloads are compatible with almost all design software and cutting machines - you just need to make sure the design you want to print fits on the material surface area and is the right way around! Just as bats sleep the wrong way up, so your print files need to be backwards in order to look right after transfer.

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