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Sacred things happen in the bathroom, and as such, that room deserves respect. Now, you can decorate your water closet with your very own bathroom SVG.

Every house comes with its own throne room. That special place where the consequences of that takeaway you shouldn't have had leaves your body. Where you can play candy crush in peace. Where you have a justifiable excuse to miss that call from your boss.

Check out our triple ply luxury quilted aloe vera scented collection to see how you can transform your bathroom into one fit for the royalty that is your derrière.

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The Bathroom SVG
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No Selfies in The Bathroom SVG File
Bathroom SVG Bundle
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A free bathroom SVG to entertain you while you pee!

May we present you with your butt napkins, my master. Also, a free bathroom SVG, because it’s nice to have reading material whilst you number two.

If you’re planning on throwing a party, it’s great to put up some useful signs so your guests don’t stumble into the wrong room in an inebriated stupor. Our collection includes some very thoughtful typography files re the location of the restroom, including friendly framable reminders to wash your hands, put the seat down and wipe away any accidents, lest they suffer the consequences...

The bathroom isn’t reserved exclusively for gross stuff. It is also the home of your tub - the ultimate tool in home relaxation. Taking a bath isn’t a quickie - you must commit to the moment! With that in mind, it’s nice to be able to look at some pleasing artwork, as opposed to just the toilet brush. Check out one of our more elegant illustrations and see what might add a relaxing touch to your next soak.

Embrace the toilet humor with a bathroom SVG file

If you download one of our bathroom SVG file bundles, you can keep crafting new elements for your toilet, until you literally run out of paper! Resize and customize your chosen graphics in your editing software and you can get cracking with cut files, transfers, decals or sublimation. Just ready your crafting machine and ink and your Cricut will get to work, so you can adjourn to your pantless contemplation chamber.

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